Wang Ruolin released the cover album Call of Love, calling for women’s love and hate

Wang Ruolin released the cover album “Call of Love”, calling for women’s love and hate
Following the “Midnight Theatre” in 2014, Wang Ruolin once again released the new cover album “Call of Love” in the past 2019.In this released album of personal creation, Wang Ruolin is sometimes romantic and free and sometimes eccentric, and this time in the cover work, she is always good at presenting contradictions in music, and brings another sad and naive look.Not long ago, the sauna and Yewang met Wang Ruolin in Beijing. She said that because she has always been fascinated by classic love songs from the 1960s to the 1980s, every time she has experienced, she can deeply feel the women in the song every time she listens.The character’s dramatic love and hate.So, she re-examined the classic works of singers such as Teresa Teng, Beauty Skylark, Weng Qianyu and so on, and the concept of the album, which gathered different female characters, came into being.[Song Selection Criteria]It is not enough to worry about them. The Dark Sauna Nightnet: The album contains a total of 11 titles, and three of them are in different languages of the same song.Is choosing a song for this album a tangled or difficult process?Wang Ruolin: The more troublesome alternative when starting song selection is copyright. Because many songs are very old, it takes some time to confirm the copyright.In addition, each music is enough to worry about the darkness, enough to make me feel.Like “Lovers”, “Cold Rain” or “Apple Blossom”, these stories still have that kind of poignant sexual color. Although “Nai He” sounds very happy, but the sense of helplessness in it is quite tasteful.There will be a desperate side.Sauna Night Net: The album’s main style of Japanese acting songs, why not go directly to Japan to record, but chose to go to Portland, USA?Wang Ruolin: I have always been interested in works of this genre, but the songs selected in the album are no longer as pure as the original ones.At that time, I also considered going to Japan or Hong Kong, China, but if I really followed the traditional methods of recording in the 70s and 80s of the last century, it seems to me that I have a little bit of hands and feet.Later, I went to ask a great music teacher I met in the United States. We have collaborated many times. In fact, he is interested in such works and concepts, but because he is busy with other albums, he introduced me to aThe music producer is called Chris Funk, so we worked together smoothly.Sauna Night Net: There are various alien cartoon creatures and you in a space suit on the cover of the album. The style of the album and the keywords of “woman” and “Poor Beauty” do not seem to match well, so the specific design concept of the coverYes?Wang Ruolin: Actually, for me, the two are a match. After seeing this work, I feel as if a person is in a world full of chaos. Only she herself knows that there is a direction, which is very romantic.status.Cover designer Brandon Graham is an American sci-fi cartoonist we found. He painted really great things.[Song Design]Eight female protagonists are stacked together like Tarot Sauna Nightnet: The songs included in the album include Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. Did you initially decide to compose this album in different languages?Will there be different feelings when performing the same song in different languages?Wang Ruolin: I like many levels of color, and I also like regular complexity, so I think that different languages can enrich the characters in this album for me. If you sing a single language, it seems that the characters will be single.When recording, I think some details are more intuitive. For example, the Chinese version and the Japanese version of “Lovers” are actually very similar colors in my mind, but when I sing some bites,Emotions have produced different guidance, so when I sing now, I think there are some differences.Sauna Nightnet: When performing each song, did you change the specific image of different women implanted in your mind?Wang Ruolin: Actually there will be one thing. I think that the woman in “Love is Calling Me” has absolute feminine charm, but she also seems to be a warrior, very strong, not afraid to burn herself, not afraid to become the most extremeKind of woman.It seems that many people are afraid to express such a state, and I am also like this. Although I know that I have this aspect in my heart, in real life, I am actually very afraid to present it.Sauna Nightnet: If the eight heroines of the eight songs in the album live in the same building or the same dorm, do you think it will be a kind of scene?Wang Ruolin: I do n’t think it is possible because women are their protagonists when they are in love, so I think they are their protagonists in each song and have different charms.I will think of them as tarot cards, the pictures will overlap, but they will not really live together.They are not living, they are a dream.[Singing style]At the age of 30, I met the puzzled expression of the floating mood Sauna Yewang: I have already done a cover album of “Midnight Theater”, will I try this cover work more easily?Wang Ruolin: Actually, I feel more confused.When I was recording this album, I was just 30 years old. I used to have a sense of direction, or I thought I knew who I was, but I might have been doing music for a long time, and I would suddenly lose my distinct shape and feel likeFloating.When recording this album, it was precisely because of some of these feelings, so to some extent I have more focus to express the emotions in the music.When I sing “Forget Him”, I can achieve the feeling that I can’t catch many things around.Sauna Nightnet: Is this sense of confusion directly related to age?Wang Ruolin: It will matter. Maybe you have done something for a long time, and you will suddenly lose your freshness.The theme of my next album is “Broken Hotel”, but I will now have a feeling that it will not surpass “Bulling House”, because regardless of the material and production of the song, “Bulling House””” Is an ideal album for me. “Broken Hotel” actually has some similarities with it. I’m still not quite sure and confident.Maybe I still need some time, or some more things happen in my life, I can break through this state, because from other musicians or artists, this does not seem to be an abnormal thing.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Chang editor Tian Nie proofreading Zhai Yongjun