Guo Guoqiang, a master of Chinese medicine: You think it is health, but it hurts and eats the disease.


Guo Guoqiang, a master of Chinese medicine: You think it is health, but it hurts and eats the disease.

With the improvement of public health awareness, many people are beginning to pay attention to health care. Perhaps everyone understands differently and their understanding is biased. However, they all seem to have one thing in common. They like to imitate and see others eating.Hey, see what others are practicing and practice themselves.

Regardless of individual differences, others’ clothing, food, shelter, and transportation, but where the self feels good, all of them are moved to “depending on the gourd painting.”
So blindly follow the wind-like health, are you really right?

Take a look at the health king, how the Chinese medicine master Mei Guoqiang Mei always thinks about this matter.

鈥淔ive grains for raising鈥?is not suitable for the 鈥淵ellow Emperor’s Internal Classic鈥? When talking about diet and health, it puts 鈥済rain for raising鈥?first, and 鈥済rain鈥?refers to all kinds of miscellaneous grains.The term “dirty”, such as soybean can raise the kidney, millet can raise the spleen, etc., it can be seen that the miscellaneous grains do have a good health effect.

However, Mei Lao said that he often seldom eats coarse grains because he has many outpatients all the year round and often cannot eat on time. In the long run, he has suffered from stomach problems. Although it has not been seriously affected after treatment, the gastrointestinal function has not been good.

Mei Lao said that many people now know that lotus seeds, glutinous rice, millet, glutinous rice, etc. are good ingredients for tonifying the spleen and nourishing the stomach. Therefore, they cook every day. The whole family is young and young, and they think that they are in health. In fact, they are often unconscious.”Injured.”

This principle is actually very simple. Although coarse grains are nutritious, starch and crude fiber are difficult to digest. For some people with bad stomach, eating more coarse grains will increase the burden on the stomach and cause discomfort such as bloating.

Therefore, when Mei Lao is treating some gastrointestinal diseases, he will specifically explain the patients not to eat miscellaneous grains after the medicine is opened. If you want to eat it, you can only drink soup, just like lotus seed stew. For those who have bad stomach, you can only drink lotus seeds.Don’t eat soup and lotus seeds.

Reconcile the five flavors, diet Chinese medicine believes that the essence is born in the innate, and raised in the day after tomorrow.

Mei Lao’s diet is very simple, three meals a day, often at home, but he advocates a diet with a combination of vegetarian diet, diet, and not gluttony.

As long as he does not go to the clinic, he has three regular meals a day. He only eats 8 minutes of food and eats fish regularly. Because the fish can be high-quality protein, it contains the amino acids necessary for the human body, and can supplement the deficiency of the staple food and fruits and vegetables.

Because the spleen and stomach are not good, Mei Laoping rarely eats moon cakes, dumplings, dumplings and the like that are not digestible.

Drinking tea is a habit that Mei Lao has developed over the years. The World Health Organization survey shows that tea is the best drink for middle-aged and elderly people.

Mei Lao likes to drink black tea in the winter and green tea in the summer. He believes that the seasons in the four seasons are different, and the types of tea should be adjusted accordingly.

It is advisable to drink green tea in summer, bitter cold in green tea, heat, heat and detoxification; green tea should be used in winter, black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein, and has a certain nourishing function.

At the same time, he also reminded that drinking tea is also taboo, should grasp the principle of “light is appropriate, moderate amount is good, a small number of times, less drink after meals, do not drink before going to bed”.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” proposes to reconcile the five flavors and eat the diet principle, which means that all the foods given to us by nature are good things, but to be correct and reasonable, not blind, not too much, in order to play its role.
The “true and false” Mei Lao, who discerns the health program, said that there are now one or two patients who suffer from illnesses on the TV because they eat something that is advertised on TV.

Once he met a female patient, it looked like a swollen body, apathetic, no abnormalities after Western medicine examination. When asked about the diagnosis, Mei Lao suddenly realized that she would drink 500 ml of water every day after getting up, and drink 8 cups a day.Eat 1 gram of salt, for a long time, the body penetrates the riots and there is water poisoning.

When asked why such a drinking habit was formed, the female patient said that this is the health knowledge that the “experts” on TV said!

One gram of salt a day, eight glasses of water.

Mei Lao said that this is what TV health care has now “speaked”. The so-called “health experts” distribute “various health knowledge” to the public, but many of them are just for the purpose of pursuing the benefits, to partialize the whole, to subvert common sense, to introduceThe error health concept has misled the public.

In addition, “it is a three-point drug”, the medicine can not be used as a meal, but the medicine can cure the disease, each flavor has a certain scope of application, beyond this degree, but hurts.

Mei Lao said that some winter gelatin tonic, but not everyone, some people with heavy moisture are not suitable for eating; valuable tonics Cordyceps sinensis has a good tonic effect for people with yin deficiency, but good steel alsoIt is necessary to use the blade, otherwise it is a waste.

Do not deliberately change the habits of life Mei Lao daily arrangements are often based on work needs, there is no deliberate “biological clock.”

Every day, he will adjust the morning to get up at 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock according to the work schedule of the day. In the morning, he will eat a little egg, milk and bread, and will go out for a clinic; after lunch, he will have a lunch break for two hours; thenGo to the studio to read books, write and write; after dinner, take a walk on campus, and exercise your muscles.

Taking a nap is a living habit that he has developed over the years. Mei Lao often said that ensuring enough sleep is the source of energy filling the lungs in one day. Sleeping can nourish blood, sleep can benefit Qi; for adolescents can promote growth and development, for middle-aged and elderly peopleCan delay aging.

At the same time, for the health care law that many elderly people are most concerned about, Mei Lao pointed out that the living habits of each elderly person should not be deliberately changed, and it is best to let it go.

Many children with filial piety are now taking care of their parents living in rural areas. Many elderly people are adaptable and can adapt to their current life very quickly. However, some elderly people do not adapt to the living environment of the city, or they are used to living in a free and comfortable life in the countryside.This is not conducive to health.

The elderly still have to have their own life, cultivate their own hobbies, spiritual pleasure, work and rest, family harmony, and naturally prolong life.

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How to treat traditional diarrhea with traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture


How to treat traditional diarrhea with traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture

Diarrhea moxibustion 1 acupoint: diarrhea special effects points (positioning: the highest point of the foot outside the break straight, red and white meat interchange).

Moxibustion method: using Ai volume gentle moxibustion method, each moxibustion 10?
15 minutes, 2 per day?
3 times, until the cure.

Diarrhea moxibustion 2 acupoints: Zhongmu, Shenque, Tianshu, Zusanli.

Acupoints: long-term diarrhea plus spleen, stomach Yu, large intestine Yu points; five more vents plus Guan Yuan, Qihai, Mingmen points.

Moxibustion method: use M茅lange mild moxibustion method, 5 minutes per moxibustion; can also use Ai moxibustion, 3 points per hole moxibustion?
5 strong.

Diarrhea moxibustion method 3 acupoints: Tianshu, Zhongmu, Qihai, Shangjuxu.

Acupoints: cold and heavy plus gods, Guanyuan points; wet heavy plus Yinlingquan points; vomiting plus Neiguan points;

Moxibustion method: Shenque point is separated by salt moxibustion or ginger moxibustion method, each moxibustion 5?
8 Zhuang, other points use mild moxibustion moxibustion, each time acupuncture moxibustion 5 minutes, once a day.

This method is mostly used for cold and damp diarrhea.

Diarrhea moxibustion method 4 acupoints: Zusanli, Yinbai, Tianshu, Zhongmu, Shenque.

Moxibustion method: Separation of salt moxibustion by Shenque Point, 5 times per moxibustion?
7 Zhuang; other acupuncture points use Ai Wei no incision trace direct moxibustion method, first apply a small amount of Vaseline cream on the acupuncture point, then put the size of the grain of Ai Wei, ignite the treatment, when the patient feels the heat is intolerable, replaceAi, every 5 points?
7 strong, 1 time a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

Diarrhea moxibustion 5 acupoints: Shenmai points.

Moxibustion method: using the moth moxibustion method, the patient takes the sitting position or the supine position, ignites the moxa stick to the acupuncture point, and makes the local warm feeling without burning pain, every 10 minutes, 1 per dayTimes.
Diarrhea moxibustion method 6 acupoints: Tianshu, Zhongmu, Zusanli, Yanglingquan.

Acupoints: After the urgency, the heavy ones plus the giant imaginary, the lower sacred points; the food accumulators plus the Liangmen points; the stomach swells plus the Neiguan points; the fever increases the vertebral points.

Moxibustion method: using light and moxibustion method, each point moxibustion 1 strong, 1 time a day, 3?
5 days is a course of treatment.

This method is used for acute diarrhea.

How to improve the time of sex life, seven coups tell you the answer


How to improve the time of sex life, seven coups tell you the answer

Get rid of bad hobbies and try to quit smoking, alcohol, gambling, and maintain adequate sleep.

Be confident to believe that your sexual function is normal, strong, and fertile.

In the spirit of being invincible, this is often fatal for middle-aged people.

Confidence and confidence are the foundation of a strong person. Be sure to believe that you can do it yourself!

Diet and nutrition should be more appropriate for some seafood-like foods. Because seafood contains more “zinc”, it is beneficial for enhancing sexual desire.

Zinc is an important trace element in sperm.

If zinc is deficient, the activity of sperm will be greatly reduced.

The J function will also be greatly discounted.

Male compatriots pay attention to zinc supplementation!

Regular exercise jogging or walking, focusing on the lower body.

The “critical” of the rise and fall of sexual function is at the waist and foot.

Fitness experts have launched a “sexual exercise method”, each of which can exercise the muscles needed to love love.

Do the following methods, you will feel comfortable and spiritually happy, so that the muscles of sexual intercourse are firm and powerful.

Keep your ambitions to be ambitious and passionate about your work.

Some people yearn for a comfortable life after retirement, satisfied with their grandson, and their early aging is inevitable.

Even if you retire, you should look for some public affairs that can evoke your hobbies.

Although the author has not retired.

But I have already thought about what to do after retirement.

Always ambition is very strong.

Life is humorous and humorous is the biggest secret to keeping youth young.

The pace of modern life is accelerating, urban people have high work pressure, and it is easy to have a decline in physical function and sub-health.

At the same time, people are “satisfied with lust”, so they are particularly concerned about the decline of sexual function.

Don’t live under pressure.

If you feel pressure, learn how to release stress.

I will have problems in my heart sooner or later.

The use of tools with reasonable tools can not only increase the mood of life, but also the pleasure of coherent appliances.

If you agree, you can refer to this practice.

If you do not agree, please refer to other programs.

Sex toys, etc. Please learn to use them reasonably.

Men can control their time in a number of ways to get the other person to an unexpected situation.

An hour is not a dream.

First of all, physical strength must be achieved.

Northern winter heating, easy to get sick, prevent heating, 3 big tricks


Northern winter heating, easy to get sick, prevent heating, 3 big tricks

Recently, the heating mode has been turned on in the north, but at the same time, some people have noticed the heat caused by heating. Some friends have also developed symptoms such as dry skin and nosebleeds. How should I relieve my discomfort at this time?

Let’s follow the Xiaobian to understand.

Heating too dry should be how to ease the heating mode in the north, coupled with the unique dry climate in the north, dry skin chapped, dry mouth, dry throat is the mildest symptom.

In severe cases, it is very likely that the mouth is sore, nosebleeds, stye and other hot poisoning symptoms have appeared.

How to enjoy the warmth of the heating while avoiding the discomfort caused by the heat?

In fact, just pay attention to the following points: First, the coat should be thick, the bottom should be thin, easy to wear and take off, reduce the heat collection caused by high indoor temperature and wear; second, increase indoor humidity, humidifier, and moreRaise water and plants, and regularly open windows to ventilate; third is proper diet, moderate amount of fruit, especially cool, such as pears, grapefruit and other seasonal fruits, these fruits are better for bonfire.

Those who have been angry should avoid eating hot fruits and foods such as oranges, longan, chocolate, hot pot and so on.

Drink plenty of water, you can add lily, wheat winter, fat sea and other cool, nourishing and moistening herbs.

What heating problems are caused by heating?

1, women with urinary diseases should prevent urinary system diseases in winter.

Experts say that winter is a high season for female urinary tract infections.

After heating, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, and the human immunity is reduced. Some women are prone to infection or recurrence of urinary diseases when they are cold.

In addition, staying in a dry room for a long time, the body loses more water, resulting in reduced urine output, reduced erosion of bladder and urinary tract bacteria, and increased risk of diabetic urinary system diseases.

Once again, the winter weather is cold, the number of people taking baths is also significantly reduced, and the risk of the body increasing the number of infected bacteria increases.

2, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease in winter angina, acute and chronic heart failure patients are 30% to 50% higher than autumn.

In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, especially when middle-aged and elderly people go out, it is easy to cause sudden rise in blood pressure and vasoconstriction.

Patients with previous medical history such as hypertension and diabetes tend to increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, and myocardial infarction.

In addition, if the indoor temperature is too high, it will consume human body water, resulting in insufficient body fluids, increased blood viscosity, and easy to cause cardiovascular disease such as blood pressure drop and angina pectoris.

At the same time, for patients with pulmonary heart disease and cardiac dysfunction, “fever disease” is also likely to lead to poor pulmonary circulation, leading to symptoms such as palpitation and chest tightness.

3 tips for preventing heating diseases 1, indoor control at 18 掳 C?
The room with the most healthy temperature at 22 掳C will be dry and have an effect on the skin and respiratory tract.

Is the indoor temperature best kept at 18 掳 C?
Between 22 掳 C, and must be dry and wet balance, so the human body will feel more appropriate.

If the indoor temperature is too high, you can put a humidifier, at least once a day, every 15 minutes, to reduce the virus and bacteria in the room.

2, diet hydration has to pay attention to heating disease, or pay attention to add water.

Should eat more fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits generally have a water content of more than 70%. Even if they eat only 500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, they can get more than 300 milliliters of water.

In addition, the daily diet is also sparse, get 1500 from three meals?
2000 ml of water is not difficult.

Therefore, you may wish to make full use of the opportunity to eat three meals to replenish water.

In addition to drinking water every day, choose some fruits and vegetables and non-salty soup porridge, the hydrating effect is good.

In addition, you should also eat less salt during the hydration process.

3, plant varieties to choose to prevent fever, many people think of buying green plants that can increase humidity and release a lot of oxygen, but not all flowers are suitable for regulating indoors and humidity.

Many common flowers are highly toxic: the branches and leaves of oleander, the bark contains a mixture of oleander, which can be poisoned by eating; the juice of the calla plant such as calla lily and monstera can cause itchy skin; daffodil headContaining lacotine, ingestion can cause enteritis, vomiting or diarrhea, leaves, flower juice can make the skin red and swollen; clove, night scent will spread a lot of intense stimulating granules in the evening, affecting patients with hypertension and heart disease.

In winter, the interior is best for raising cacti, spider orchids, rich bamboo and Brazilian wood.

Cactus can exhale oxygen at night to make the air moist and gentle; large green plants such as spider plant, Brazilian wood can evaporate more water from the leaves and increase indoor humidity; rich green plants such as rich bamboo also have good “disinfection” function.

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Winter family health tips!

How to teach you five tricks in winter?

Do you know the relationship between hair and aging?


Do you know the relationship between hair and aging?

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It’s fun here, it’s not simple.

“The male kidney is prone to loss, so you can’t wait for the signs of aging to appear before you start to adjust, properly prevent micro-duration, and not get old.”

From the beginning of the 48th, Dangdang pays attention to nursed back to health, and when the May 8th kidney begins to decline naturally, it is more aware of the law of health.

Professor Wang Qi said.

“Husband is eight years old, kidney is solid, hair is more teeth; twenty-eight, kidney gas is strong, Tianzhu to . five eight, kidney qi, hair sputum; six eight. hair 楝?white. eight eight,The sky is exhausted. then the teeth are sent.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” has long been a substitute for the hair growth of the human hair, the long pole, the beginning, the physiological characteristics and growth of the beginning white, and the cause of the decline.

Wang Qi, a master of Chinese medicine, believes that “the problem of hair is not only a problem of hair, but also one of the manifestations of human aging.”

From the perspective of real life, men are masculine bodies, and the function of organs is strong. In addition to the natural consumption of penetrating, men and women in sexual life suffer more, and the loss of essence in the kidney is much more than that of women.

Men also have more social pressure than women, and bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and drinking tea can also lead to more men’s exhaustion.

On the basis of the above factors, and then indulge in overeating, late sleep, lack of exercise . all kinds of bad habits, it is more likely to consume the essence of the kidney.

The persistence of sperm in the kidneys will inevitably lead to aging in men.

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Experts explain the taboos of summer naked sleep


Experts explain the taboos of summer naked sleep

“I only wear Chanel No. 5 perfume when I sleep.

Marilyn Monroe makes naked sleep synonymous with sex, but in reality, more naked sleepers are still for convenience and heat dissipation.

銆€銆€鈥滃浜庢櫘閫氫汉鏉ヨ锛屽瀛h8鐫★紝鎴戜滑鐨勬€佸害鏄€樹笉鎻愬€★紝涓嶅弽瀵光€欙紝瀹冪殑纭湁寰堝濂藉锛氭洿鍒╀簬鐨偆鎺掓硠銆佽浜鸿韩蹇冨交搴曟斁鏉俱€佺啛鐫$▼搴︽洿楂樷€︹€︿絾涓庢鍚屾椂It is also easy to cause back pain, infected insects, catch cold, especially qi deficiency and boys and girls, it is best not to sleep naked.

Professor Zhang Shijun, from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said this.

In addition, “naked sleep + mat + air conditioning” this three-pronged extreme cool “mix and match” mode, no matter how good the body bones can not look down on this two-three-month so cold into the muscle.

銆€銆€姘旇櫄闃宠櫄鑰呰8鐫¤捣搴婂悗澶存檿鐪艰姳銆€銆€鈥滆倽鐏椇鐩涜€呰8鐫$殑纭彲鑳芥劅瑙夊緢鈥樿垝鐖解€欙紝鑰屾皵铏氶槼铏氳€呭垯鍒氬ソ鐩稿弽锛屾斁鍦ㄥ埆浜鸿韩涓婄殑鍋ュ悍瑁哥潯琛屼负锛岃嚜宸辨晥浠垮氨甯︽潵浜咮asically not: sneezing, low back pain, joint pain, headache.” He introduced that people’s physique is far from the same, and for qi deficiency, bare sleep is easier to do in the summer night unconsciously.”, which causes many symptoms and diseases.

銆€銆€How can I easily judge the qi deficiency?

If the self-examination finds that there are physical weakness, pale complexion, shortness of breath, weakness of limbs, dizziness, sweating, and low voice, it is likely to belong to the qi deficiency group, then it is best not to blindly follow the trend and choose naked.sleep.
銆€銆€”If you are conscious of the liver fire every day, 鈥榟ot air’, the body is strong, often thirsty, the skin is chapped, the tongue is sore, similar to the crowd is more suitable for naked sleep, they can resist the wind and evil, but also the pursuit of heat.

“He says.

銆€銆€Professor Zhang Shijun said a very simple truth: If the naked sleep is full of energy, the quality of sleep is good, and the human body has no discomfort, it can be regarded as a suitable group for naked sleep; otherwise, it should stop naked sleep.

銆€銆€Boys and girls are better not to sleep naked. If you are still in puberty, no matter boys or girls, it is best not to sleep naked.

“The organs that are developing at this time are still very fragile. If they are infected at a young age, there will be no small impact on the normal development of the reproductive system.

Experts said.

銆€銆€For adolescent girls, the first few years of the first menstrual period may not enter the normal “orbital” period, menstrual time is irregular, may wake up, and have been replaced by sputum.

At this stage, if you sleep naked, your body is unobstructed, and the unclean germs on the quilt sheets are taken in, it is easy for vaginitis to come to the door.

Therefore, for young girls, learning the knowledge of menstrual care, try to avoid naked sleep, wash the bedding, wear cotton breathable underwear, are responsible for their own health.

銆€銆€Although young men do not have the troubles of menstruation, they have to face another major destruction: the developing genitals are very fragile, and they are equally susceptible to infection or bad stimulation.

“The young man is in the developmental stage, the young body is very easy to ‘react’, and the organ is directly rubbed when it is sleeping, and it will cause pleasure when it is not careful. It will be unfavorable to the normal development of the genitalia for a long time.
Experts said.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is recommended that boys should also avoid naked sleep, at most half naked to sleep, and do not wear too tight underwear, the sheets should be replaced regularly.

銆€銆€Naked sleep to be covered, air-conditioned, do not sleep, sleep naked, sleep on the mat, blow air conditioning, how a cool word!

But experts shook their heads about this “mashup” model.

“When you sleep naked, you should also overlap a little thin quilt or a towel blanket in the dark, on the stomach, to keep the cold cold; open the air conditioner has already lowered the temperature, no need to sleep again, otherwise it is too cold, the human bodyIt may not be enough, leading to leading diarrhea and diarrhea that are common in the clinic.

Professor Zhang Shijun said.

8 hot face-lifting skills to choose for venture capital


8 hot face-lifting skills to choose for venture capital

Core Tip: Now that the face is beautiful, isn’t it true that girls have a face-lifting face all over the place, Xiao Bian introduces 7 kinds of beauty face-lifting methods here, and reminds all female friends who love beauty to choose the right face own.


Pulling the wisdom tooth and thin face “Put off the wisdom teeth on both sides, you can make the face slim down, Yang Mi Cecilia Cheung is like this to narrow the face.”

This kind of statement makes many big faces MM believe in it.

In fact, the wisdom of the tooth to achieve the face-lift effect, must be completely compensated for the skin of the skin should be thin enough, if the muscle layer is thicker, the effect of the depression after the tooth is not visible.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?2.

A method of removing the face of an adult adult face quickly and in a few minutes.

Gradually take antibiotics for 5 days, gargle for 5 days, ice for 3 days, 7 days for suture removal, and 1 to 3 months will find cheeks getting thinner.

If your face is fatter, rounder, especially obese, or bilaterally asymmetrical, it is recommended to consider this method.

However, this method can only lose weight on the double jaws and cannot reduce the double chin.

銆€銆€Face-lift index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?3.

Facial liposuction If your face is not well contoured, the skin under the skin will accumulate too much to form a double chin; or the facial skin will be slack and have a slight sagging; or the sputum is too wide, bilateral asymmetry, facial liposuction isThe best face-lifting method.

At least it may cause a short-term immediate elimination of swelling, without worrying about the healing of the wound, but special reminders must find an experienced doctor.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?.

Injecting face-lifting face is obviously hypertrophic for the masseter muscle, affecting the appearance or bilateral asymmetry of the round face, and the MM of the trapezoidal face can be used to face-lift by injection.

Doctors usually choose one or several injection points in the cheek vein. After the injection, there is no need for local massage and other special treatments. Generally, the normal chewing movement can make the liquid gradually spread inside the muscle tissue.

After a month, I can be surprised to find that the fat face has been completely reduced by one yard.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?.

Chin shaping to create a slightly sharp and slightly chin, can also achieve the purpose of “skinny face.”

With the awl face and the popularity of the V-shaped face, the female’s chin has become the focus of attention. Look at the small-faced beautiful women, all of them have a long and delicate chin, using the current powerful plastic technology, round face changeSmall faces are no longer difficult.

It should be noted that the choice of prosthesis for the chin is very important, and it is important to carefully select materials that are safe and non-dissipative.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?6.

Mandibular angle surgery Mandibular angle surgery, commonly known as honing and bone cutting, is a face-lift surgery that is now favored by women.

For those born square faces, or people with obvious asymmetry on both sides of the mandibular angle, it is the most convenient face-lifting solution.

The effect before and after is very significant, and it can also fundamentally change the lines of the fortified “obtrusion” and reshape the delicate contours.

Usually the wound of the mandibular angle surgery is in the mouth, so there is no indication of where the wound is.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?.

The use of plastic can be thin and so-called plastic can be a plastic can be hot wheels + plastic can be beautiful, there are many girls tried, the effect is said to be good, using the geological mine under the Mt. Fuji in Japan, and added 99.

Made of 9% high-purity glutinous grain, it can be rolled for 10 minutes every day with a plastic hot wheel, and it can be rolled for 9 minutes with a plastic stick. After one month, you will see the effect.

I have not used it, it is not good to conclude, MM with this demand may wish to try, multiple programs, multiple choices.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?.

The facial line of the humerus is mainly composed of the mandibular angle and the humerus. If the humerus is too high, the angle of the face is too clear, causing a serious, unreasonable illusion, and also visually causing a large face.Effect.

If the facial humerus is reduced and lowered, it can remove the abrupt part of the facial line that destructs the beauty, making the face look more delicate and compact, and become the favorite of the oriental people.

The natural enemies of uterine fibroids have been found, insisting on eating a few mouthfuls a day, promoting blood circulation and eliminating uterine fibroids.


The “natural enemies” of uterine fibroids have been found, insisting on eating a few mouthfuls a day, promoting blood circulation and eliminating uterine fibroids.

For women, it is especially important to care for the health of the body. Among them, the maintenance of the uterus is more serious, the uterus is delicate, and in many cases, the maintenance of the uterus is troublesome, for example, the uterine fibroids.When it appears, everyone needs to know more.

If uterine fibroids are uncontrolled, they will affect the shape of the uterine cavity when grown up.

If uterine horns appear in uterine fibroids, they will enter the entrance to the pressure-forcing the fallopian tube, which will affect the entry of the fertilized egg and ultimately affect pregnancy.

Sometimes even pregnancy can cause miscarriage.

The “natural enemies” of uterine fibroids have been found, insisting on eating a few mouthfuls a day, promoting blood circulation and eliminating phlegm and eliminating muscle tumors. Hawthorn hawthorn can improve the role of promoting blood stasis and detoxification. Many women with uterine fibroids may be accompanied by menstruation.In the case of adjustment, eat more hawthorn can have a very good conditioning effect, usually you can eat fresh hawthorn, you can also drink with hawthorn dry water, see everyone’s personal hobbies?
Kelp is rich in iodine, which can effectively supplement the nutrients in the human body.

Not only that, but it is also rich in protein and other minerals, which can effectively help us prevent uterine fibroids, rehabilitation, and benefit women’s health.

Kelp also promotes gastrointestinal motility and is helpful for relieving constipation.

Sugar cane Many people like to eat sugar cane, which is rich in sugar.

In the summer, it removes dust from the lungs and relieves coughing.

Especially for patients with hypoglycemia caused by uterine fibroids, it has a good mitigating effect.

In addition, it can relieve nausea, fatigue, cough and other symptoms caused by uterine fibroids.

It also inhibits the growth of fibroids.

The frankincense fragrance disappears, the taste is “can do”, and the blood is taken away, so it can promote the operation of blood and is good at relieving pain. It has the effect of promoting blood circulation, dilating and relieving pain. It is an essential medicine for gynecological diseases.

Related studies have shown that women who eat the proper amount of frankincense can prevent the occurrence of uterine tumors.

Sour plum also has a good effect on the prevention of uterine fibroids.

Some of the malic acid and citric acid contained in the plum have a good inhibitory effect on the lactic acid produced in the body, so that the blood becomes clean, thus achieving the effect of preventing uterine fibroids.

Because of the presence of iron, seaweed has a certain regulation of blood acid and alkali performance indicators, which affects the acidity and alkalinity in the uterus, and can also improve the growth of intrauterine fibroids, rather than uterine fibroids, but also other uterine diseases.A certain preventive effect, women can eat more.

A little sore throat, someone almost lost his hit!

A little sore throat, someone almost lost his hit!

Since the beginning of winter, there have been many people suffering from colds and flu, and patients usually have symptoms of sore throat.

When there is “sore throat”, most people think of a cold. If there is no other discomfort, they will go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine to eat. If they deal with it, they will pass.

In fact, the sore throat, sometimes not a “small illness”, may even be terrible!

The sore throat almost went to the uncle’s life, Zhang Daye’s throat hurts, thinking that only the ordinary throat is inflamed, so I plan to “handle” and it will pass, who knows that the grandfather’s hit.

When I talked about this, the old man thought about it and was afraid: first, the pain of the throat, then the symptoms of breathlessness, the throat of the throat, the ambiguity of the speech, as if the mouth contained something, feeling that his throat was blocked.It’s like suffocating, and it’s getting worse.

Fortunately, he was rescued by his family when he arrived at the hospital in time.

Under the laryngoscope, the doctor saw that the old man should have an epiglottis as thin as a small leaf. Since the inflammation has swollen into a spherical shape of a walnut, it is tightly inserted into the airway, and it is diagnosed as acute epiglottis.

Due to the rapid development of the disease, and the treatment in the future, the elderly have already had a cyanosis and life is at stake.

With his rich clinical experience, the doctor performed an emergency tracheotomy to save his life.

What is the “throat pain” that is so dangerous?

Epiglottis: The commander of the trachea and esophagus 鈥渃rossroads鈥?is one of the spine of the throat. It is leaf-shaped. When we swallow food, we will get tired of covering the trachea, food entering the esophagus, and preventing cough from entering the trachea.

At the “crossroads” of the trachea and esophagus, you will be tired of directing two different actions. Once the “commander” has an accident (such as an acute illness), the patient will have many unexpected troubles and even life-threatening.

Acute epiglottis is very “dangerous”. Acute epiglottis, also known as supraglottic laryngitis, is a special type of acute episode involving the epiglottis and surrounding tissues of the upper glottis of the larynx. It is characterized by high edema of epiglottis.The most common cause of infection.

Acute episodes of acute epiglottis, with high incidence in winter.

Acute onset of onset of acute epiglottis, patients with fever and chills, body temperature can be as high as 39 掳 C, the patient’s speech is ambiguous, as if the contents of the mouth, throat burning, swallowing is not good.

The acute epiglottis disease progresses rapidly, and most patients are cured by timely treatment. A small number of patients are ill-fated, quickly suffocating, and the mortality rate is high.

The reason why acute epiglottis is dangerous is because the tissue under the mucous membrane is loose and easy to edema. It can be swollen to several times in the first few hours of the attack to block the glottis, causing obstruction of the throat and suffocation.

Laryngoscopy can be seen in the face of the tongue, congestion, swelling, such as hemisphere, or even pus.

Failure to rescue in time will be fatal.

Many patients have to undergo a tracheotomy to relieve suffocation, indicating that the disease is quite dangerous.

What should I do if I encounter such a “throat pain”?

What is the difference between ordinary sore throat and swelling? In many people’s eyes, it is common for sore throat and sore throat. Then, what are the differences in symptoms between ordinary sore throat and acute epiglottis?

And ordinary sore throat index, acute epiglottis patients with sore throat is very serious, to the point of intolerable, more serious, the scorpion is stunned, the speech is ambiguous, as if there is something in the mouth, there is breathingSymptoms of Qi, swallowing and breathing are difficult.

Treatment of acute epiglottis must be treated early for acute epiglottis. Early detection of early medication should be used, and sufficient antibiotics should be applied in time to keep the breath open.

If laryngeal edema occurs, the patency of the respiratory tract is very threatening. It can be used to reduce swelling of the hormone. It is necessary to apply hormones in large doses. Because hormones also have non-replacement anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-shock, etc., the combination of hormones and antibiotics can be good.Effect.

Difficulties in eating should be intravenous rehydration, supplemented with calcium, anti-allergic drugs, attention to water, electrolyte balance.

If the local abscess formation should be cut open, it is beneficial to quickly control the infection.

In the treatment of acute epiglottis, it is necessary to specifically eliminate breathing difficulties, timely oxygen delivery or ready for emergency tracheotomy to avoid suffocation.

In order to prevent the occurrence of acute epiglottis, exercise should be strengthened, the body’s resistance should be enhanced, and acute inflammation of adjacent organs should be treated in time to prevent the spread of infection.

Usually you should quit smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy food, and maintain oral hygiene.

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I feel uncomfortable in my throat. What do I recommend for a sore throat with a smooth stomach?

These foods help you to cool down

10 pieces of stupid things to lose weight

10 pieces of stupid things to lose weight

When it comes to weight loss, some MM will carry out “hell-style” dieting, and some MM will “mad” to exercise, but may not receive the expected results.
There are a lot of stupid things to do to lose weight, let us “prescribe the right medicine”, correct them, let the body lose weight in a healthy and orderly way!
Strong correction: Eat “good”?
This is not a smart move for a weight loss program.
The calories burned > the calories ingested, this is the basic principle of weight loss.
Therefore, low-calorie food is the first choice for diet.
And “good” – those that are delicious, often fragrant, oily, sweet, and finely crafted foods, all of which are high in calories.
Strong correction: “eat less meals” can effectively control the food intake of each meal, so that the metabolism is relatively stable, but the premise is: the total calorie intake per day is fixed, we just take them from three mealsDivide into five meals to eat.
But if you only remember the “multiple meals”, your mouth should not be eaten leisurely. The day, it is bigger than the original three meals a day, the result is self-evident.
The most torturous stupid thing: sleep late, stay up late to lose weight “Overtime staying up late can lose weight, my brain keeps turning, so hard, will certainly consume more calories.
Strongly correcting mistakes: tired and thin, more and more untenable.
Staying up late, you may eat supper, and eating supper will generally make you fatter.
Biologically, people are animals that move during the day. At night, the various functions of the human body naturally enter a state of rest.
Only insulin that synthesizes fat is secreted more at night.
This means: eating the same thing, it is easier to become fat deposits at night.
Therefore, Chinese medicine practitioners who have the “harmony between man and nature” say that it is good work at dawn, and it is necessary to rest well when it is dark.
The most stupid thing: eat fine and slimming “I feel that eating fine to help digestion, such as eating apples I must peel, will not eat toxins into the body.
Strong correction: In the impression of many people, eating fine is a performance of high-quality life, can eat “health and slim”, but in fact it is not.
Too fine food has caused some healthy substances to be lost.
Secondly, eating too fine food such as fine grains and egg milk can easily lead to constipation and stress on metabolism and weight loss.
Therefore, eating more fiber-rich foods can promote intestinal peristalsis, which is beneficial for digestion and weight loss.
Of course, we can peel off the apple peel because we are worried about pesticides, but apple peel is also a good thing to help the body toxins.
The most ignorant stupid thing: I am jealous, I jump, I exercise to lose weight. “Sports weight loss is definitely right?”
I am now rushing every hundred meters every evening!
Strong correction: “aerobic exercise” can consume more heat, “anaerobic exercise” has no such effect.
Aerobic exercise must have three conditions: the energy required for exercise is mainly provided by oxidizing fat or sugar in the body; most of the muscles in the body are involved during exercise; the exercise intensity is between low and medium, and the duration is 15 to 40 minutes.Or longer.
Such as brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming, cycling and various ball games.
The “anaerobic exercise” refers to the high-speed, intense, and explosive movement of the muscle in the “anoxic” state.
Such as running, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, long jump, tug-of-war, etc.MM who wants to lose weight, of course, do more “aerobic exercise”!


The most stupid thing: vegetarianism can definitely be thin. What can be suspected of being vegetarian?

I don’t usually eat meat, just to make it taste better, I will put more oil to stir-fry, so the taste is very good!

Strong error correction: Vegetarian has become a hot topic, too many people agree that vegetarians can lose weight.

Vegetarians, such as vegetables, fruits, grains, etc., are meaningful in comparison to animal foods of the same weight.

But anyone who eats less than the body’s consumption, the body’s sputum can be slowly reduced, not just vegetarians.

There are also many high-transition foods in the vegetarian diet, some fried spring rolls, vegetarian dishes and other vegetarian dishes based on oily substrates.

銆€銆€Be careful: oil is even higher than the conversion of meat!

1 kg of oil is not saturated, and 1 kg of meat is left after cooking.

If you take these high-oil vegetarian diets instead of lean meat, you can’t achieve the goal of losing weight.


The most deadly stupid thing: want to lose weight – hungry, hungry, or hungry “I think losing weight is to test willpower, must be hungry until I am hungry to my satisfactory weight.

“Strong error correction: What kind of taste is hungry?”

Insomnia, dizziness, fatigue and a series of physiological adverse reactions.

If you are hungry, hypoglycemia and gastric perforation are the most likely complications.

The problem is that the body does not lead you. Once you continue to starve, the rate of metabolism will also drop, so the transformation of the body will become less, leading to weight loss failure.


The most arrogant thing: When I am angry, I will eat “I use food to vent my depression!

Especially when I am eating people, eating, eating, and I am like this, I really can’t look in the mirror.

“Strong error correction: Psychological research proves that many people’s bulimia and snacks are often emotional anxiety, depression, boredom, and low habits.

Many obese people have the experience that when eating, the facial muscles are quickly relaxed and the emotions tend to be calm.

Therefore, having a happy and relaxed mood is also the key to maintaining a good body.

Listening to the reaction of the stomach is one of the differences between fat people and thin people.

銆€銆€People who are slimmer usually have a feeling of fullness before they feel full – the body usually takes 20 minutes to get full of sensation – they don’t eat anymore, and you can’t receive this signal because of psychological problems, you will continue to eat, and the best way to deal with it is to quantifySupply, otherwise you will blow like a balloon.


The most eccentric stupid thing: liposuction is an immediate way to lose weight. “Why don’t you go to liposuction?”

I have done liposuction surgery on the abdomen, and it works great!

There is nothing more slimming and more painful than using a scalpel to take your aunt away.

“Strong error correction: Nowadays, many people choose to lose weight and lose weight. They think that it is thinner when they want to lose weight, and they don’t rebound, how great!”

But the aunt who is under your skin has been taken away, and the aunt’s aunt has not been taken away. This method of weight loss has temporarily made your good shape, but it can not reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and achieve health.

銆€銆€The two concepts of 鈥渨eight loss鈥?and 鈥渓iposuction鈥?must distinguish between liposuction and body improvement. It is not suitable for large-area weight loss from the body’s ability to withstand and ensure the safety of surgery.

For those who are over-obese, under the guidance of doctors and dietitians, adequate and reasonable eating habits and appropriate exercise should be used to achieve healthy weight loss.


The most costly stupid thing: diet pills – eat it, eat it, eat it, not sin “Eating diet pills is an emergency slimming method, it can make me lose weight quickly, so I often take medicine when I need to lose weight”Wrong: Hey. let’s see how weight loss drugs work: suppress appetite, increase energy expenditure, and inhibit intrinsic digestion and absorption.

Anti-appetite diet pills containing amphetamine, fenfluramine and other ingredients, can reduce appetite, reduce food intake, reduce weight, but there will be adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Diet pills that increase energy expenditure are some central stimulants and hormonal drugs that cause adverse side effects on the nerves and heart.

Diet pills that inhibit toxic digestion and absorption can inhibit the absorption of abnormal absorption, but can cause complications such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The common denominator of all diet pills is that they rebound after stopping the drug.