In Barcelona’s epidemic, strict control of the player’s weight, De Rong’s good body makes netizens sour

In Barcelona’s epidemic, strict control of the player’s weight, De Rong’s good body makes netizens sour
Barcelona official “spread dog food”.Figure / social media Beijing News According to today’s news from most local media in Spain, during the La Liga shutdown, in order to require players to maintain their body and condition, Barcelona’s coaching staff will develop training plans for players every week.The players must complete the corresponding training and report their weight twice a week.It is reported that the coaches believe that the weight growth of the players is 0, considering various situations during their stay at home.6 kg to 1.Between 5 kg is within the normal range, but not more than 2 kg or more.As of now, the weight of each player is still qualified.In addition, the club’s dietitian will provide players with dietary guidance, so that players can maintain exercise capacity and improve resistance.Netizens envy De Rong’s figure.Picture / social media at the same time, Barcelona today published photos of De Jong on official social media, with the article: “Afternoon tea time, come a sweet dog food.”In the photo, De Rong was wearing beach pants, standing in the water with his upper body bare, putting his girlfriend on his shoulders, and then throwing her back into the water.It is worth mentioning that the lines of Derong chest muscles and abdominal muscles in the photos are obvious, and netizens can’t help saying: “This body fat!I’m sour.”It seems that in the face of the weekly weight requirement, De Jong does not have to worry.Editor Wang Xihuang

[How to raise the beauty of red bean soy milk]_ The common practice of raising the beauty of red bean soy milk _ The practice of raising the beauty of red bean soy milk _

[How to raise the beauty of red bean soy milk]_ The common practice of raising the beauty of red bean soy milk _ The practice of raising the beauty of red bean soy milk _

Whenever you are in love during the festive season, you must be homesick if you work in another country.

Miss your loved ones.

In a few days, you can understand the pain of Acacia.

When you see your loved ones, if you can cook a delicious meal with your own hands, they will be very happy.

So, let me first teach you how to make beauty red bean soy milk 1.

Prepare all ingredients.


Red beans and red dates were soaked in water for 30 minutes.


Wash the soaked dates to remove the dates.


Then put the pitted dates into the soymilk maker.


Add soaked red beans.


Add the required amount of water.


Cap with dried bean function.


Cooked red beans will be replaced with the right amount of sugar.

If you eat well, you can have a good body. For nutrition and health, we still try to eat as little as possible in the restaurant, and make it more nutritious and healthy at home. Hurry up and make today’s beauty red bean soy milk.

[How to make Jiangxi dried pumpkin]_How to make_How to make

This is the case that the arrest of Xian Yu was arrested, and that there was a lot of troubles. The version of the Chinese version of the Nan Nan Si Si, the most important thing is that it ‘s a very difficult thing to do.滑閮芥瘮杈冩€€蹇碉紝鎵€浠ュぇ瀹跺湪骞虫椂鎯宠鍚冨埌锛岃嚜宸卞湪瀹堕噷涔熷彲浠ュ仛锛屽仛鐨勬椂鍊欓渶瑕佹敞鎰忥紝閫夋嫨鍏呭垎鑰佺啛鐨勫崡鐡滐紝鐨帤锛岃倝纭紝杩欐牱鐨勫崡鐡滐紝鍋氬嚭鏉ョ殑鍗楃摐骞插懗閬撲細鏇村ソ銆傞€夌敤鍏呭垎鑰佺啛鐨勫崡鐡滐紝鐨緝鍘氥€佺‖銆佹墜鎸囩敳鍒掍笉鐮达紝琛ㄧ毊鏈夎緝鍘氱殑铚$矇锛岀毊鍛堢孩鑹蹭负濂姐€?2)鍗楃摐鐗囧湪钂哥叜鍓嶄竴瀹氳骞查€忥紝鍚﹀垯褰卞搷鎴愬搧鐨勫瑙傚舰鐘跺拰璐ㄥ湴銆?3) The most important thing is that there are a lot of people in the world, and it ‘s a good idea to make sure that it ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very effective.涓嶅悓锛屾坊鍔犱簺鑺濋夯銆佺櫧绯栥€佹鐨瓑銆?4)鐢变簬鍗楃摐骞插惈绯栧垎灏戠壒鍒€傚悎灏戝勾鍎跨銆佽€佷汉鍜岀硸灏跨梾浜恒€傞鏉愰璋辩儹閲忥細11(澶у崱)涓绘枡鍗楃摐1涓柟娉?Shura Kanji 向 吡 鐡?What is the difference?鍘昏拏鍓栧紑锛屽幓鐨紝鍘荤苯锛屾帍鍑€鐡ゃ€傛礂鍑€鍒囩墖;鏀瑰垁鎴愬皬鏉★紝鍘氱害1-2mm;鎽嗘斁What are you talking about?60 cents?The effect of treatment is awesome: The tweezers are pressed by the tweezers?The stubble is stubborn;Do you want to try P80 銆?min; 咏 垭 咎 冡 執 埗 咃 兘 團 圂 圲 杣 椗 敗 镄?鐑ょ170鈩冦€?Min stubble stubbornly stubbornly effective?This is the only way to get rid of this problem, and it ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s happening in the past. It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on.Forging the key, the key to the problem is that the tail is closed-the end of the battle is out, the end is strong, and the way is hot. It’s hot and cold, and it’s very good.A total of 55 reports are available. Press 240 to report the problem: 225. What is the problem?姹 ゅ 宠 屽 ぇ 绾 ㈢ What girl?Do you have any questions?What are you talking about? What are you talking about?00 嬏 嬶 溴 犲 Boil the drill?Gong gong pets adore: what’s the matter?Gong gong pets: 瘄 粦 鑳 ℃?/ 2 Gong 診 褺 餽 噺 呺 呺 邴 Effects of the total of the common  庴 庛 塛 塛 卲 頲 頲 鍫 鍫 鍫 閫 鍰 “Common problem?What’s your favorite hello (parmesan)?8 What are you talking about?.钁¤悇骞叉斁鍏ユ哺姘翠腑娴告场5鍒嗛挓锛岃嚦钁¤悇骞茶儉璧枫€傛牴鎹寘瑁呰璇存槑锛岀叜鐔熻澊铦堕潰锛屾崬鍑烘播骞诧紝淇濈暀180姣崌闈㈡堡銆?.鐓潰鏃讹紝鍦ㄥ彟涓€涓攨涓€掑叆姗勬娌癸紝鐢ㄤ腑鐏倰鐢滄鍜屽ぇ钂滐紝鑷崇敎妞掑彉杞€傚姞鍏ュ啲鍗楃摐绯娿€侀紶灏捐崏銆佺洂鍜岄粦鑳℃绮夛紝鐓嚦鐑€忋€?.鎷屽叆钁¤悇骞层€佹蹈钁¤悇骞茬殑姘村強濂舵补骞查叒锛岀児璋冭嚦濂舵补骞查叒铻嶅寲銆傚姞鍏ラ潰椋熴€佷繚鐣欑殑闈㈡堡鍜屽笗灏旈┈骞查叒锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€銆?

Guizhou Moutai (600519) 2019H1 performance evaluation: patience and watch for strong demand is the key

Guizhou Moutai (600519) 2019H1 performance evaluation: 成都桑拿网 patience and watch for strong demand is the key
Event: Guizhou Moutai released its 2019 Interim Report, which actually realized a total operating income of 411.73 trillion, the same increase of 16.8%, (of which operating income is 394.8.8 billion, an increase of 18.24%), achieving net income of 199.5.1 billion yuan, an increase of 26.56%, basic basic income.8.8 billion, an increase of 26.56%.Among them, the second quarter achieved total operating income of 186.92 trillion, with an increase of 10.89% (of which operating income is 178.4.4 billion, an increase of 12.01%), achieving a net profit of 87.30 trillion, the same increase of 20.29%. Growth slowed down in the second quarter and financial indicators were sound.1) The growth rate of revenue in the second quarter slowed down.The company’s Q2 operating income increased by 12.01%, first-class Moutai, series of wine achieved revenue of 15.3 billion, 25.200 million yuan, an increase of 12 respectively.3%, 9.4%.The drop in Q1 growth rate from Q1 was mainly due to a large amount of apparent shipments in 18Q2: According to previous channel tracking, the actual shipments of Moutai were about 7,000 tons, while the apparent shipments of 18Q2 were about 6,700 tons (the actual shipments during the same period were about 5500 tons).Driven by lower rates and higher ton prices (increasing non-standard Moutai investment in the second quarter), net profit increased by 20 in the second quarter.29%, relatively ahead of revenue growth.2) The channel system is still fine-tuned, and direct sales channels have yet to be extended.At the end of the period, the number of domestic dealers was 2,415, a decrease of 39 from the end of the first quarter. Among them, the number of Moutai liquor dealers was lower than that of Q1. The company’s channel rectification is still ongoing but it is expected to be nearing completion.In the first half of 19, direct sales accounted for 4%.1%, down from Q1 Q2 in the second quarter, and grassroots research shows that the layout of direct-operated stores has increased, which is expected to be related to the approval of the receipts and the adjustment of the caliber.First choice.3) Advance receipts remained high and cash flow performance was good.Closing advances 122.5.7 billion, an increase of about 1 billion from Q1, an increase of 23% over the same period last year.Cash from sales of merchandise in Q2 was 205.700 million, an increase of 34.93%. The expense ratio continued to decline, and profitability continued to improve.1) Expense control is good.The initial cost control was good. The management expense rate and sales expense rate were 5 in 19Q2.97%, 6.74%, a year-on-year decrease of 1, respectively.47pct / 0.71 points.2) Profitability continued to improve.As the company’s series of wine actively adjusted the company’s gross profit margin, the gross profit margin in 19Q2 decreased and increased by 0.89pct to 91.15%; slight increase in gross profit margin increases the rate of decline, and increases the decline in net interest rate by 3.65pct to 46.70%. The understanding of the two leading indicators of advance payment and approval price: dealer rectification and sales policy adjustment disturb the expectations of advance payment, and approval price tracking only replaces Feitian.In the second and third quarters, the advance receipts increased by about 1 billion, which is lower than the market’s optimistic expectations. The preliminary system is: 1) The dealers’ rectification led to an increase in the follow-up deviation of advance receipts.The tracking caliber has changed; 2) Moutai’s payment policy has been adjusted since 19 years. Channel tracking shows that in mid-late March and late June, Moutai changed its 18-year monthly payment policy.The dealer’s funds have been refunded.Due to the above two reasons, the advance payment is expected. We believe that the advance payment as a leading indicator reflects the enthusiasm of dealers to draw money and reflects the demand situation. The qualitative ratio is gradually reduced. The channel and terminal tracking show that Moutai is still in an absolute market.Therefore, the contradiction in demand is due to the disturbance of advance receipt data.For the tracking of Moutai prices, we believe that we should comprehensively consider other products to interpret, such as boutique wine, zodiac and other products.Judging from the initial tracking situation, the price difference between Pfeiffer, Zodiac, and boutique products is gradually narrowing. In terms of particularity, scarcity, and quality of wine, the zodiac and boutique products are better than slender ones, while the price of Feitian is rising and the zodiac productsThe weak price rise may be reflected in the overall shortage of the supply side and the structural zodiac. There are relatively many fine products. Channel tracking shows that the proportion of various non-standard products may account for 30% of the entire Moutai revenue.In addition, in the context of investment and collectible attributes leading to the prominent financial attributes of Feitian, the consumption attributes of products such as zodiac and boutique products are prominent, which is an important supplement to the study of consumer demand. The demand for Moutai is strong, and the quarterly data does not need to be interpreted too much. It is recommended to watch patiently.1) Moutai demand is strong and the fundamentals of the industry are still solid.Since April, the sector’s attention has continued to rise. The market is discrete and sensitive to the short-term changes in Moutai. However, the data is often affected by changes in the company’s sales policy adjustments and short-term considerations.We believe that fluctuations in short-term internal loss data do not mean that Moutai ‘s demand has cooled. Channel surveys have reported that Moutai ‘s actual demand is strong, while other famous liquor sales have also confirmed that the fundamentals of the industry are still solid, and high-end liquors continue to enjoy consumption upgrades and increase cash flowEnjoy squeezing growth opportunities in the battle.2) It is not necessary to interpret the quarterly data too much. It is recommended to watch 武汉夜网论坛 patiently.Moutai’s quarterly results are affected by factors such as sales policies and cannot reflect terminal demand, so it is not recommended to read too much.For Moutai, medium- and long-term growth certainty and robustness are the fundamentals of bullishness. The high moat brought by absolute leading brands is the core of recommendation. Strong short-term demand is to buy and rest assured. It is recommended to watch patiently. Earnings forecast and investment advice: We maintain our previous earnings forecast, with EPS expected to be 33 in 19-21.13 yuan / 40.25 yuan / 46.27 yuan, maintain the “prudent increase” rating. Risk reminders: Macroeconomic risks, improper Moutai price control, direct sales channels failing to meet expectations, and market systemic risks.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds that U.S. warships entered China’s Nansha Islands without permission

Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds that U.S. warships entered China’s Nansha Islands without permission

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 10th. Foreign Minister Geng Shuang said on the 10th that the USS McCain guided missile destroyer granted permission on behalf of the Chinese government on that day to enter the adjacent waters of the Nansha Islands in China.

The Chinese side was therefore strongly dissatisfied and raised rigorous suspicions with the US side.

  A reporter asked: According to US officials, the USS McCain guided missile destroyer carried out free navigation in the waters near the Meiji Reef in the Nansha Islands.

Please confirm with China, and what comments does China have from this?

  Geng Shuang said that on August 10, the USS McCain guided missile destroyer was allowed by the Chinese government to enter the adjacent waters of the islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Islands without authorization to conduct the so-called freedom of navigation.

The Chinese army immediately dispatched warships to verify and identify U.S. ships in accordance with law, and warned them to leave.

  He said that China has indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and its surrounding waters.

The related actions of the US ship violated Chinese law and international law, seriously jeopardizing China’s sovereignty and security, and seriously endangering the lives of frontline personnel on both sides.

The Chinese side was therefore strongly dissatisfied and raised rigorous suspicions with the US side.

  Geng Shuang said that since the reorganization, with the joint efforts of China and the ASEAN countries, the cooling and cooling of the South China Sea has slowed down, and it has continued to show a positive development trend, especially the China-ASEAN Foreign Ministers ‘meeting in the Philippines’ antiques recently adopted the framework of the South China Sea behavior model.

Against this background, some extraterritorial forces are moving against the current and continue to search for nourishment under the banner of freedom 苏州夜网论坛 of navigation in an attempt to disrupt the current hard-won good performance.

This clearly shows who in the end does not want to see the South China Sea maintain stability, and who is the biggest factor driving the militarization of the South China Sea.

  He said that China’s determination to safeguard its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests is consistent, and China’s will to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea is unwavering.

Such a provocation by the United States must also take measures by the Chinese side to further improve its national defense capabilities.

  China urges the U.S. to earnestly abide by China’s sovereignty and security interests, effectively target the joint efforts of regional countries to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, and play a constructive role. Don’t do anything that undermines mutual trust and regional stability.

Geng Shuang said.

Original Title: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds that US warships are good at entering the relevant waters of the islands and reefs of the Nansha Islands in China.

A-share market under epidemic situation: several main lines stabilizing in general

A-share market under epidemic situation: several main lines stabilizing in general

Hookup reports A-shares, market stability is affirmed!

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to the annual column “Business Day Financial Morning Post”, free trial before February 9!

  ”Investor Network” Qin Jian will be an extraordinary year in 2020. During the Spring Festival, people will experience the attack of a new type of coronavirus.

This kind of panic also spread to the capital market. On February 3, the first day of the opening day after the holiday, nearly 3,000 companies in the A-share market fell down. Fortunately, the strength of the combination of epidemic prevention and the upgrade of the A-share market is also fast.Stabilized, some popular sectors even rebounded significantly.

  People often say that the crisis is organic, and the stock market will not. On the day after the market opened on February 3, the net inflow of northbound funds exceeded 18 billion yuan throughout the day.

More than 40 stocks such as Northeast Pharmaceuticals, Hengkang Medical, Essence Pharmaceuticals, Weiming Pharmaceutical, Sanxin Medical, Dali Technology, Shangrong Medical, Daun Shares, and Mingde Biological have stopped rising.

  In addition, affected by the epidemic, most company employees were forced to work from home, and remote office software such as Ding Nao once collapsed due to excessive traffic. Remote office concept stocks have strengthened and will have smooth communication daily limits; students will be suspended from school, A shares onlineEducation concept is stubborn, Fangzhi Technology, Century Tianhong daily limit; residents can not go out for entertainment, “home economy” is also sought after, e-sports concept stocks are active, three-five interconnected daily limit, electric soul network once daily limit, Kunlun Wanwei ups and downs5%.

  However, some stocks of the A-share market have also been speculatively funded because of their concepts. Among them, the science and technology board stock Jiete Bio has been replaced by a company that has been renewed for several years, and the “mask concept” of the subsidiary that it once wanted to recover has expanded by as much as 108%.

There has also been an upward trend in peer stocks due to expected cooperation news. Yongtai Technology products involve the production of anti-infectives, antiviral drugs and intermediates. The company’s downstream customers include Gilead, Bayer, Merck, Hengrui and other internationalMore than well-known domestic companies.

Recently, the company realized that Gilead’s research drug Remusvir (Redivevir) can be used to treat new coronavirus pneumonia. The company is actively approaching downstream customers such as Gilead to find possible cooperation opportunities.The increasing stagnation has also driven the daily limit of chlor-alkali chemicals in the fluorochemical sector.

  The epidemic’s gradual cognition stage: the capital market responds to the average time of the epidemic’s progress and the related strategic material stocks related to protection and diagnosis reversed the situation one day after the epidemic event was fermented. The “Investor Network” study found that from December 1, 2019The first patient infected with the new coronavirus 2019-nCov appeared until December 29, 2019, Hubei Hospital reported 4 cases of aggregated unknown cause, and the National Health Commission and the Centers for Disease Control and Intervention investigated until 12020On January 1st, the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau dealt with 8 rumour spreaders according to law, and until January 8, 2020, the new coronavirus was initially confirmed as the cause of the sudden disease outbreak. 20 A-share strategic material stocks and 9 related protection stocksDiagnostic related strategic material stocks will be from December 2, 2019 to January 8, 2020, about a month, except for Xinlong Holdings (000955.

SZ, non-woven fabric material for masks), Guangzhou Langqi (000523.

SZ, Disinfectant), Shanda Huate (000915.

SZ, disinfectant), the average cumulative expansion did not exceed 20%, and the average increase per trading day did not exceed 1%.

This shows that the epidemic situation is gradually cognizant, and the capital market has not responded much.

  The initial stage of the epidemic: Partial diagnosis, protection of individual stocks, initial benefit and response to disease fermentation. By January 20, 2020, Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission, and members of the expert group Gao Fu, Li Lanjuan, Yuan Guoyong, Zeng Guang, etc.Interviewed by preventive media, confirmed that the epidemic was transmitted from person to person and infected by medical staff. On the same day, the decision-making level made important instructions on the epidemic situation and required relevant departments to take effective measures to stop the spread of the epidemic situation.

Nine stocks of related strategic materials such as A-share diagnostics gradually increased from January 8 to January 20, 2020, and the slope increased gradually during this period, and the average change was 16%, of which, Shuo Shi Biological (688399).

SH, diagnostic reagents) During this period, it has gradually expanded up to 33%, and announced that it will complete the new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit and coronavirus universal nucleic acid detection kit on January 13, 2020.

  During this period, 20 protection-related strategic material stocks of A-shares gradually expanded and were not significant. Only Inco Medical (300677).

SZ, gloves) and Ogilvy Medical (002950.

SZ, masks) gradually expanded to 20% and 16%, respectively, of which Ogilvy Medical’s mask income in 2018 was less than 5% of that year’s income.

  It can be seen that the diagnostic response of individual stocks and some protective product stocks during the initial reflection stage of the epidemic situation are significant.

  Epidemic comprehensive response phase: protection, short-term benefits of diagnosis-related stocks, and reduction of disease spread. On January 22, 2020, Hubei launched a public health emergency level II response to January 23, Wuhan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Hunan provinces announcedLevel I response to major public health emergencies was launched, and mask sales appeared in many cities across the country. The A-share market was closed from January 20 to January 23, 2020, and mask concept listed company Ogilvy Medical (002950).

SZ, mask), Zhende Medical (603301.

SH, mask), Neptune creature (000078.

SZ, masks and protective clothing), TEDA (000652.

SZ mask filter material) During this period, it gradually expanded to 33%, 25%, 20%, and 27%, respectively.

During this period, diagnostic product stocks gradually expanded to an earlier stage of initial epidemic transition, which improved.

SH, diagnostic reagents) gradually expanded to 25%, Mindray Medical continued to show negative growth during the 杭州桑拿网 period.

  On February 3, 2020, the A-share market was opened after the holiday season. At this time, the epidemic was in a high-incidence stage, and the tension caused by the epidemic was still there. Among the 20 protection-related strategic material stocks and 9 diagnostic-related strategic material stocks of A-shares, only GuangzhouLang Qi (000523.

SZ, Disinfectant), Shanda Huate (000915.

SZ, disinfectant), Yanjiang shares (300658.

SZ, non-woven materials for masks), Beihua Co., Ltd. (002246.

SZ, masks), Shelley (002076.

SZ, UV lamp), Donghua Energy (002221.

SZ, non-woven material for masks), Wanfu Bio (300482.

SZ, diagnostic reagents), Antu Biological (603658.

SH, diagnostic reagents), Mindray Medical (300760).SZ, diagnostic reagents) rose less than 10% on the day, and the rest were reported at daily 淡水桑拿网 price.
  It can be seen that part of the protection and diagnosis related product stocks benefited from short-term benefits in the comprehensive response phase of the epidemic, but as the epidemic is effectively controlled in the future, its upward momentum will be weakened.
  疫情全面应对阶段:治疗方案中药品公司市值有望增厚  《湖北日报》2020年1月29日报道,有三种药物在细胞水平上对新型冠状病毒有较好的抑制作用,分别是remdesivir、磷酸氯喹And Ritonavir.
  Among them, remdesivir was developed by American biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences. At present, no listed company in China has registered such drugs.
Listed companies with chloroquine phosphate drug registration are Bai Yunshan (600332.
SH), essence pharmaceutical (002349.
SZ), Kun Pharmaceutical Group (600422.
SH), Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (002317.
SZ), North China Pharmaceutical (600812.
SH), Jinling Pharmaceutical (000919.
SZ), but generally the revenue of chloroquine phosphate medicines accounts for a small proportion of its total income, and only the secondary market of elite pharmaceuticals is better.
  Ritonavir was originally an effective oral inhibitor of human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) and human immunodeficiency virus-2 (HIV-2) aspartic protease, and was used alone or in combination with antiretroviral nucleoside drugs.Patients with advanced or non-progressive AIDS.
At present, domestic production and registration companies include Shanghai Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Wanquan Wante Pharmaceutical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., of which Hong Kong listed company China Medical Group is an affiliate of Wanquan Wante Pharmaceutical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.Lopinavir and Ritonavir Tablets). Currently the importers are AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) and AbbVie Inc (USA).
  The fourth edition of the guidebook for the diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus recommends a-interferon, lopinavir, and ritonavir for general treatment. Among them, a-interferon is listed on the company Anke Bio (300009.
SZ). After the market opened, its stock price fluctuated greatly, and opened higher and lower.
The diagnosis and treatment plan recommends methylprednisolone, Xuebijing, and intestinal micro-ecological regulators for the treatment of severe and critical illness. Among them, Xuebijing represents the listed company Hongri Pharmaceutical (300026.
SZ), the representative listed company of methylprednisolone has Tianyao shares (600488.
SH), Hisco (002653.
SZ), Xianfeng Pharmaceutical (002332.
On the opening day, Hongri Pharmaceutical (300026.
SZ) and Tianyao shares (600488.
SH) Daily limit.
  In the fourth version of the new coronavirus diagnosis and treatment program, there are 12 listed companies that are representative of traditional Chinese medicine related medicines. On the opening day, the largest increase was Lianhua Qingwen Capsule on behalf of the listed company Yiling Pharmaceutical (002603.
SZ), an increase of 9.
  In the development of the epidemic, there is also a proprietary Chinese medicine Shuanghuanglian oral solution that broke into the eyes of A-share shareholders on January 31, 2020. It represents the listed company Tailong Pharmaceutical (600222.
SH) Close the board directly on the opening day.
  Vaccine research and development period: It is too early to contribute profits to the company. Looking back at the previous epidemic vaccine research and development cycle, it can be found that the time period varies and is generally longer.
The SARS epidemic broke out in December 2002. So far, the SARS inactivated vaccine developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products is still in clinical research. Similarly, the Ebola vaccine has been on the market for up to 5 years; but type AThe development process of H1N1 is only three months.
  As of January 30, 2020, China and overseas have successfully isolated multiple new coronavirus strains.
From the main research and development process of the vaccine, the isolation of the strain is the first step in the development of the vaccine.
Vaccine development is a project that requires high investment and long time.
But the successful isolation of the strains can be said to have taken the first step in the long march of successful vaccine development.
  Traditional vaccine research and development is usually based on the entire virus strain, but the traditional vaccine research and development and production cycle is too long, usually the vaccine research and development outbreak has passed.
Research institutes are therefore studying other types of vaccines based on non-viral strains.
The development cycle of such vaccines is shorter than that of traditional vaccines.
It is expected to reduce research and development time and achieve rapid time to market.
  Experts have different views on the vaccine under development. On January 28, 2020, Zhong Nanshan said that he consulted some experts. The research and development cycle will not be less than three to four months. He thinks that a longer research and development cycle may be needed.
Goldman also believes that vaccine development will not happen overnight and will take time.On January 29, 2020, Li Lanjuan believed that it is very close to owning the vaccine. We currently have the vaccine seed strain. It takes one and a half months to obtain the vaccine strain, and then one and a half months to approve it.

  On February 3, on the day of the opening of the A-share market, vaccine stock Zhongzhifei Biological (300122).

SZ), Kangtai Biological (300601.

SZ), Watson Bio (300142.

SZ) ‘s performance is not significant.

  It needs to be reminded that at present, other new vaccines of the new coronavirus have not yet entered the clinical stage.

For listed companies that may benefit from vaccine development and production, it is too early to contribute profits to the company. Therefore, investors are not conscious of it.

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Couples should pay attention to what should be remembered in a harmonious life.


Couples should pay attention to what should be remembered in a harmonious life.

The proper layout of the environment and the surrounding environment are important for every couple.

The environment of the bedroom is required to be as quiet and airtight as possible to avoid external interference.

The room should have soft light to create a comfortable environment and atmosphere.

The bedroom should be shackled for comfort, and the sheets and pillows should be kept clean and pleasant.

The air circulation in the room is maintained, because the breathing is enhanced during sexual life, and the tired and drowsiness after sex life causes people to fall asleep quickly. The fresh air is good for good sleep, which quickly restores physical strength and spirit.

It is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of sexual organs and organs, which will cause the infection of female vulva and male penis in the vagina during sexual intercourse.

Many women with cervical erosion are caused by unclean sex, most of which are caused by husbands.

Therefore, before each sexual intercourse, have a condition to take a bath.

If you do not have bathing conditions, you should also insist on washing the genitals

During menstruation, women who do not have sexual intercourse will be treated for 3 to 5 days or 6 to 7 days per month. During the menstrual period, the endometrium is physiologically exfoliated and there is a new wound surface in the uterus.

If at this time, sexual intercourse will increase vaginal congestion, resulting in excessive menstrual blood, prolonged menstruation, and will make bacteria from the vagina into the uterus, genital infection, is not conducive to women’s health.

Sexual intercourse should not be repeated for frequent sexual intercourse. Some say that newlyweds can have sexual intercourse 1 to 2 times per night, and some say that they can have sexual intercourse 3 to 4 times a week.

In fact, the frequency and time of sexual intercourse between each couple, there is no fixed pattern, as long as after sexual intercourse does not feel tired, lack of energy, fatigue, showing that the number of sexual intercourse is not too frequent.

Adjust the sexual intercourse, pay attention to certain health requirements to ensure the health of the couple, let us welcome a new life together.

Health is out!


Welcome to the most dangerous 29 days!

Keep in mind these 5 points.

“Health” is out!
Welcome to the most dangerous 29 days!
Keep in mind these 5 points.

Out of bed!

The hottest days of the year (July 17?
August 25th) has officially closed.

However, next we will usher in the most dangerous 29 days!

Why is the “most dangerous 29 days” August 26 (out of the way) to September 23 (autumn), these 29 days is the highest temperature fluctuations in the year, the most alternating time.

Old people often say, “The morning is cold, and the cows are hot at noon.”

During this time, the temperature span of the day may be as high as 10 degrees, and the temperature difference between day and night is gradually increasing.

What are the consequences of the gradual pull of the temperature difference?

Blood pressure veins, cardiovascular disease outbreaks!

Too many people think that high temperatures in summer are prone to cardiovascular accidents.

Others believe that cold winter stimulation is more prone to cardiovascular accidents.

In fact, the time between summer and autumn is the outbreak of cardiovascular disease!

Cardiovascular doctors introduced that the human body is not afraid of hot, not afraid of the cold, afraid of “one cold and one heat” so toss, so many people have a stroke, heart stalk, and even drowned.

Remember these 5 points, health and less risk 1 eat “run a little” undulating, summer begins to really transition to the fall, the climate is getting dry, the human lungs are relatively strong, so you have to eat “run” a little!
10 kinds of nourishing and moisturizing foods.

Winter melon 2.

Radish 3.


Onion 5.

Kelp 6.

Mushroom 7.

Fungus 8.

Celery 9.

Banana 10.

In addition to nourishing yin and moistening, these 10 kinds of foods on apples also have the effect of stabilizing blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Let me tell the family to cook this menu and let the whole family eat healthy!

2 鎻?鈥渄iligence鈥? the temperature difference between morning and evening will cause the blood pressure difference of the human body to be unstable.

If you take a headache at this time, you can prevent a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Cheng Kai, a professor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, said that when people’s blood pressure rises, just go to the point or hit the wind pool, people welcome the hole, about 5?
Blood pressure will decrease during 15 minutes.

銆€鈻睵rofessor Cheng Kai Demonstration: Location of Fengchi Point 鈻?Professor Cheng Kai Demonstration: Experts at the location of the person who welcomes the hole reminded that this method is used from the undulation to the autumn, and it is very good for the staged, high blood pressure problem.

3 Drinking “more” at this stage, in addition to pressing the acupoints, you can also drink more “medicine tea.”

The following three kinds of herbal teas can be said to be the artifacts of qi and moisturizing, stable blood pressure!

Lotus leaf tea – blood pressure-lowering lotus leaf taste bitter, flat, with heat and heat, rise to Qingyang, cool blood to stop bleeding.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that lotus leaves have the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat.
Therefore, drink some lotus leaf tea at this time, which can lower blood pressure, clear blood lipids, and minimize the risk of cardiovascular accidents.

Take 9 grams of dried lotus leaves or 30 grams of fresh lotus leaves every day. Decoction on behalf of tea, if you put some hawthorn, cassia seed drink, can better lower fat, lower blood pressure.

鈻?lotus leaf tea 2.

Black tea – drink more black tea after dilating blood vessels, can dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, etc., has a good health care effect on the body.

Tea polyphenols and their oxidation products in black tea can dissolve trace amounts and promote the discharge of lipids, thereby reducing the total cholesterol and triglyceride content in the blood, thereby lowering blood lipids and reducing plasma deposition on the arterial wall.Reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

鈻?black tea 3.

Silver Summer Tea – Qinghuo Runza Yinxia Tea is composed of honeysuckle and Prunella vulgaris. Take 9 grams of honeysuckle and 30 grams of Prunella vulgaris. Boil water for half an hour. Soak it in tea after it is cool.

Honeysuckle, also known as honeysuckle, is a good medicine for clearing away heat and detoxifying and stabilizing blood pressure.

Prunella vulgaris has the effect of clearing heat to liver fire, and it has a good alleviation effect on the discomfort caused by heat!

4 After sleeping “early”, people tend to feel tired and boring. This is the so-called “autumn lack”.

This is because, in the midsummer of the 鈥渓ong nights鈥? many people have the phenomenon of lack of sleep, especially elderly friends.

At this time, if you do not change the habit of sleeping in the summer, “autumn lack” is more likely to appear.

In addition, if the lack of sleep after the ambush is more likely to cause blood pressure instability, leading to cardiovascular disease.

Best sleep time for babies (0-2 years old): 11-14 hours for children (3-13 years old): 10-11 hours for teenagers (14-17 years old): 8-10 hours for young people (18-25 years old): 7-9 hours of adults (26-64 years old): 7-9 hours of seniors (over 65 years old): 7-8 hours 5 dressed “warm” people often say “spring, autumn and autumn”, but in fact this sentenceIt is aimed at children, but for middle-aged and elderly people, especially the elderly, it is best to add a long-sleeved “thin coat” in the morning and evening.

This temperature difference is a little bit more irritating to the body, and the risk of cardiovascular disease is much smaller!

However, there are skills in dressing in the morning and evening, and you must protect your neck, back, and feet.

These parts are the most abundant blood vessels, and the stimulation of autumn cold will cause the blood vessels to shrink sharply, causing danger.

Source: Health Times (ID: jksb2013)

How to improve the time of sex life, seven coups tell you the answer


How to improve the time of sex life, seven coups tell you the answer

Get rid of bad hobbies and try to quit smoking, alcohol, gambling, and maintain adequate sleep.

Be confident to believe that your sexual function is normal, strong, and fertile.

In the spirit of being invincible, this is often fatal for middle-aged people.

Confidence and confidence are the foundation of a strong person. Be sure to believe that you can do it yourself!

Diet and nutrition should be more appropriate for some seafood-like foods. Because seafood contains more “zinc”, it is beneficial for enhancing sexual desire.

Zinc is an important trace element in sperm.

If zinc is deficient, the activity of sperm will be greatly reduced.

The J function will also be greatly discounted.

Male compatriots pay attention to zinc supplementation!

Regular exercise jogging or walking, focusing on the lower body.

The “critical” of the rise and fall of sexual function is at the waist and foot.

Fitness experts have launched a “sexual exercise method”, each of which can exercise the muscles needed to love love.

Do the following methods, you will feel comfortable and spiritually happy, so that the muscles of sexual intercourse are firm and powerful.

Keep your ambitions to be ambitious and passionate about your work.

Some people yearn for a comfortable life after retirement, satisfied with their grandson, and their early aging is inevitable.

Even if you retire, you should look for some public affairs that can evoke your hobbies.

Although the author has not retired.

But I have already thought about what to do after retirement.

Always ambition is very strong.

Life is humorous and humorous is the biggest secret to keeping youth young.

The pace of modern life is accelerating, urban people have high work pressure, and it is easy to have a decline in physical function and sub-health.

At the same time, people are “satisfied with lust”, so they are particularly concerned about the decline of sexual function.

Don’t live under pressure.

If you feel pressure, learn how to release stress.

I will have problems in my heart sooner or later.

The use of tools with reasonable tools can not only increase the mood of life, but also the pleasure of coherent appliances.

If you agree, you can refer to this practice.

If you do not agree, please refer to other programs.

Sex toys, etc. Please learn to use them reasonably.

Men can control their time in a number of ways to get the other person to an unexpected situation.

An hour is not a dream.

First of all, physical strength must be achieved.