Focus on tax-free business China National Travel last year, net profit growth lasted nearly 51% in the quarter

Focus on tax-free business China National Travel last year, net profit growth lasted nearly 51% in the quarter
On the evening of April 22, China National Travel Service (601888) released its 2019 annual report.2019 is the first year of China International Travel’s alternative travel business.From the data point of view, the average net profit of China National Travel revenue last year increased, and the net profit increased year by year.58%; main business gross margin is 49.07%, an annual increase of 7.96%; basic profit income is 2.3708 yuan.China National Travel said that the increase in net profit benefited from the continued growth of the domestic duty-free retail market. The restructuring companies continued to optimize and consolidate the existing departure and offshore tax-free businesses, strengthen the company’s internal business integration, and continue to improve the company’s management efficiency.Specifically, last year China National Travel achieved operating income of 479.$ 6.6 billion, an annual increase of 2.04%, attributable net profit was 46.29 trillion US dollars, an annual increase of 49.58%, deducting non-net profit of 38.2.9 billion, an annual increase of 21.79%; net cash flow from operating activities was 29.2.6 billion, an annual increase of 7.49%, the company explained that it was mainly due to the continuous focus on tax-free business, which resulted from the increase in cash inflow due to the growth of tax-free business.In January 2019, in order to focus on its main business, China National Travel Group transferred 100% of its wholly-owned subsidiary, China Travel Service Corporation, to the holding East China Travel Group. The company’s main business became a tax-free business, including tax-free tobacco, alcohol and aromaCommodity wholesale and retail business.In addition, the company has also forced the investment and development of commercial complexes with tax-free business as the core.The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, China Free Investment Corporation, and China International Travel Investment Corporation are respectively responsible for the company’s tax-free business and investment and development business of tourist destination commercial complexes.China National Travel said that the company’s main business gross profit margin was 49 during the reporting period.07%, an annual increase of 7.96%, initially in January 2019, the company transferred the equity of China Travel Service to the controlling shareholder of China Tourism Group, focusing on the duty-free retail market with a higher gross margin.Last year, China National Travel ‘s merchandise sales business achieved operating income of 469.6.7 billion, an annual increase of 36.79%, gross margin is 49.55%, a decrease of 2 from the same period last year.At 69%, the initial decrease in gross profit margin was the reported decline in the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar, which led to an increase in the company ‘s procurement costs.Among them, the sales business of duty-free goods realized operating income of 458.1.8 billion, an annual increase of 37.89%, gross margin is 50.00%, decreasing by 3 every year.09%.The company’s taxable goods sales business realized operating income11.4.9 billion, an annual increase of 3.75%, gross margin is 31.59%, an annual increase of 4.68%.The channels of China International Travel’s duty-free business mainly include airport duty-free shops, city duty-free shops, island duty-free shops, overseas duty-free shops and online duty-free shops, and the island duty-free shops business is mainly in Hainan.In 2019, Sanya International Duty Free City will gradually realize 104 operating income.$ 6.5 billion, an annual increase of 30.65%, including 101 sales of duty-free goods.$ 7.4 billion, an annual increase of 30.93%.In terms of airport duty-free shops, Shanghai Airport Duty-Free Shop achieved operating income of 151.4.9 billion, an annual increase of 44.95%; Capital Airport Duty Free Shop achieved operating income of 85.8.9 billion yuan, an increase of 16.25%; Hong Kong Airport Duty Free Shop achieved operating income of 24.2 billion, an annual increase of 4.54%; Guangzhou Airport Duty Free Shop achieved operating income19.2.2 billion, an annual increase of 117.46%.On the same day, China National Travel released its first quarter report for 2020.Data show that in the first quarter of this year, China National Travel’s operating income was 76.3.6 billion, a decrease of 44 per year.23%; attributable net profit may be 1.2 billion, down by 105 every year.21%, compared with a net profit of 23 in the same period last year.0.6 billion; deduction of non-net profit may be 1.2 billion, a decrease of 107 per year.55%, compared with a net profit of 15 in the same period last year.8.9 billion; basically it can be 0.RMB 0615; the net cash flow from operating activities is 7.41 trillion bits, at least 120 per year.28%.In the first quarter of this year, China National Travel received a government subsidy of 1505.08 million yuan.China National Travel Service stated that the new Crown Pneumonia epidemic has affected the company’s duty-free shops, and some duty-free shops have closed or adjusted their business hours, which has affected the company’s normal operations.The company actively takes countermeasures. On the premise of doing strict anti-epidemic measures and ensuring the health and safety of consumers and employees, it alternately reduces sales losses caused by the decline in passenger flow; at the same time, it constantly innovates and optimizes online shopping models according to its own operating characteristicsTo increase the sales and promotion of online reservations for duty-free products and reduce the impact of the epidemic on the company ‘s operations.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Zeyan editor Li Weijia campus to Li Shihui reporter email: zhangzeyan @

Wang Ruolin released the cover album Call of Love, calling for women’s love and hate

Wang Ruolin released the cover album “Call of Love”, calling for women’s love and hate
Following the “Midnight Theatre” in 2014, Wang Ruolin once again released the new cover album “Call of Love” in the past 2019.In this released album of personal creation, Wang Ruolin is sometimes romantic and free and sometimes eccentric, and this time in the cover work, she is always good at presenting contradictions in music, and brings another sad and naive look.Not long ago, the sauna and Yewang met Wang Ruolin in Beijing. She said that because she has always been fascinated by classic love songs from the 1960s to the 1980s, every time she has experienced, she can deeply feel the women in the song every time she listens.The character’s dramatic love and hate.So, she re-examined the classic works of singers such as Teresa Teng, Beauty Skylark, Weng Qianyu and so on, and the concept of the album, which gathered different female characters, came into being.[Song Selection Criteria]It is not enough to worry about them. The Dark Sauna Nightnet: The album contains a total of 11 titles, and three of them are in different languages of the same song.Is choosing a song for this album a tangled or difficult process?Wang Ruolin: The more troublesome alternative when starting song selection is copyright. Because many songs are very old, it takes some time to confirm the copyright.In addition, each music is enough to worry about the darkness, enough to make me feel.Like “Lovers”, “Cold Rain” or “Apple Blossom”, these stories still have that kind of poignant sexual color. Although “Nai He” sounds very happy, but the sense of helplessness in it is quite tasteful.There will be a desperate side.Sauna Night Net: The album’s main style of Japanese acting songs, why not go directly to Japan to record, but chose to go to Portland, USA?Wang Ruolin: I have always been interested in works of this genre, but the songs selected in the album are no longer as pure as the original ones.At that time, I also considered going to Japan or Hong Kong, China, but if I really followed the traditional methods of recording in the 70s and 80s of the last century, it seems to me that I have a little bit of hands and feet.Later, I went to ask a great music teacher I met in the United States. We have collaborated many times. In fact, he is interested in such works and concepts, but because he is busy with other albums, he introduced me to aThe music producer is called Chris Funk, so we worked together smoothly.Sauna Night Net: There are various alien cartoon creatures and you in a space suit on the cover of the album. The style of the album and the keywords of “woman” and “Poor Beauty” do not seem to match well, so the specific design concept of the coverYes?Wang Ruolin: Actually, for me, the two are a match. After seeing this work, I feel as if a person is in a world full of chaos. Only she herself knows that there is a direction, which is very romantic.status.Cover designer Brandon Graham is an American sci-fi cartoonist we found. He painted really great things.[Song Design]Eight female protagonists are stacked together like Tarot Sauna Nightnet: The songs included in the album include Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. Did you initially decide to compose this album in different languages?Will there be different feelings when performing the same song in different languages?Wang Ruolin: I like many levels of color, and I also like regular complexity, so I think that different languages can enrich the characters in this album for me. If you sing a single language, it seems that the characters will be single.When recording, I think some details are more intuitive. For example, the Chinese version and the Japanese version of “Lovers” are actually very similar colors in my mind, but when I sing some bites,Emotions have produced different guidance, so when I sing now, I think there are some differences.Sauna Nightnet: When performing each song, did you change the specific image of different women implanted in your mind?Wang Ruolin: Actually there will be one thing. I think that the woman in “Love is Calling Me” has absolute feminine charm, but she also seems to be a warrior, very strong, not afraid to burn herself, not afraid to become the most extremeKind of woman.It seems that many people are afraid to express such a state, and I am also like this. Although I know that I have this aspect in my heart, in real life, I am actually very afraid to present it.Sauna Nightnet: If the eight heroines of the eight songs in the album live in the same building or the same dorm, do you think it will be a kind of scene?Wang Ruolin: I do n’t think it is possible because women are their protagonists when they are in love, so I think they are their protagonists in each song and have different charms.I will think of them as tarot cards, the pictures will overlap, but they will not really live together.They are not living, they are a dream.[Singing style]At the age of 30, I met the puzzled expression of the floating mood Sauna Yewang: I have already done a cover album of “Midnight Theater”, will I try this cover work more easily?Wang Ruolin: Actually, I feel more confused.When I was recording this album, I was just 30 years old. I used to have a sense of direction, or I thought I knew who I was, but I might have been doing music for a long time, and I would suddenly lose my distinct shape and feel likeFloating.When recording this album, it was precisely because of some of these feelings, so to some extent I have more focus to express the emotions in the music.When I sing “Forget Him”, I can achieve the feeling that I can’t catch many things around.Sauna Nightnet: Is this sense of confusion directly related to age?Wang Ruolin: It will matter. Maybe you have done something for a long time, and you will suddenly lose your freshness.The theme of my next album is “Broken Hotel”, but I will now have a feeling that it will not surpass “Bulling House”, because regardless of the material and production of the song, “Bulling House””” Is an ideal album for me. “Broken Hotel” actually has some similarities with it. I’m still not quite sure and confident.Maybe I still need some time, or some more things happen in my life, I can break through this state, because from other musicians or artists, this does not seem to be an abnormal thing.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Chang editor Tian Nie proofreading Zhai Yongjun

[How to make prawns and stewed cabbage]_ stewed cabbage _ practice

[How to make prawns and stewed cabbage]_ stewed cabbage _ practice

This method of prawn stewed cabbage is a regional feature. The food is relatively light and sweet, suitable for friends who have no appetite, and the practice of prawn stewed cabbage is relatively simple, so it is recommended that everyone try the prawn stewed cabbageway of doing.

This method of prawn stewed with cabbage requires the prawns to be cleaned, then put in boiling water and scalded. Add the cabbage and cook it.

How to make it The prawn roasted cabbage is a special dish of Qingdao.

The characteristic of this dish is: the umami of shrimp and cabbage are delicious together.

Production method: Wash 1 prawn to control water for future use.

2Take cabbage leaves by hand and wash.

3 Wash the cabbage with a blade.

4 ginger shredded shallots cut into small pieces.

5 Don’t put oil after the hot pan, add the washed cabbage and stir fry.

6 Stir until the cabbage becomes soft.

7 Sheng spare.

8 Add oil to another pot, add ginger shredded wok first, then add prawns and stir fry.

9 Stir-fry the shrimp oil and add cabbage, stir-fry the onion and ginger for 30 seconds.

10 Season with salt and fry a few times.

Tips: This vegetable mix is delicious, and the taste is especially delicious, especially the cabbage absorbs the shrimp soup.

In addition, to make this dish, you must fry the cabbage first, then fry the shrimp, so that the cabbage can fully absorb the taste of the shrimp.

Ingredients: 500 grams of prawns, 200 grams of cabbage, 200 grams of onion, ginger, 10 grams of salt, 5 grams of saltThe shrimp soup is delicious!

Authentic customary raw materials are sea-caught prawns and Jiaozhou cabbage. The key is that the ingredients are fresh.

Now is the season when cabbage is on the market. After frosting, the cabbage juice is sweet and sweet, adding to the delicious flavor of this dish.

The practice of roasting prawns with cabbage is actually very simple. In Qingdao, you can usually eat them in restaurants that are mainly based on Shandong cuisine. Ordinary family cooks here are also very good at cooking dishes.Prawn brains are the most delicious part of prawns.

Ingredients: 4 prawns, 1 baby dish (no Jiaodong Chinese cabbage at home, use baby dish instead), ginger slices, salt, sugar, raw soy sauce.

Make 1 Cut off the shrimp and shrimp guns, pick out the sausage with toothpicks from the shrimp shell in the second section; 2 Wash and cut into sections, wash and cut the baby vegetables, and place the vegetables and leaves separately; 3 in the potAdd the oil and simmer the ginger slices. 4 Add the shrimp and stir fry until it changes color. Remember to press the shrimp’s head with a shovel to replace the naphtha of the shrimp. 5 Then add cabbage to stir fry and add halfHot water in a bowl, cover the lid and simmer for 2-3 minutes; 6 Finally, add cabbage leaves, stir-fry and add salt, sugar and soy sauce to taste

[Do you know how to make rose dumplings-]_ How to do_How to do

Do you want to be together?銆 慱 許 庝 箞 锅 歘 悘 傡 傡 綍 锅?
It ‘s hard to find the best way to do it. It ‘s hard to find the rudder sore, it ‘s so effective, it ‘s so good, it ‘s so good.渾銆備粠鐢熸椿涓彲浠ョ湅鍑洪ズ瀛愮殑鍖呮硶闈炲父澶氾紝绠€鐩存槸鑺辨牱鐧惧嚭锛屽叾涓帿鐟板寘娉曞氨姣旇緝甯歌銆傜帿鐟拌姳楗哄瓙鍖呮硶骞朵笉闅撅紝鍑嗗濂?寮犻ズ瀛愮毊锛屼緷娆¢噸鍙犳帓寮€锛屼箣鍚庡湪瀹冧滑鐨勪腑闂翠綅缃斁鍏ラズ瀛愰锛岄渶瑕佹敞鎰忕殑鏄笉鑳芥斁澶锛岀劧鍚庝粠鍙冲線宸﹀紑濮嬪嵎锛屽啀鍙嶈繃鏉ヤ粠宸﹀線鍙冲紑濮嬶紝杩欐牱涓€鏈垫紓浜 搑 鐜  懓 鑺 鑺 ? 焛 Ammonias are dried up and down and the chains are up and down, and the chains are up and down.5鍒嗛挓灏卞彲浠ヤ簡锛屾弧閿呯殑鐜懓鑺辩壒鍒浜恒€?涓€銆佺帿鐟拌姳楗哄瓙鍖呮硶 1銆佸彇4寮犻ズ瀛愮毊浠庡乏寰€鍙充緷娆″彔涓娿€?銆佸湪楗哄瓙鐨殑涓棿浣嶇疆鏀句笂涓€闀挎帓鐨勮倝棣咃紝涓嶈鏀惧お澶氾紝澶氫簡鍚庨潰姣旇緝闅惧嵎銆?銆?浠庡彸寰€宸︿緷娆$洊涓婇ズ瀛愮毊鐨勫彟涓€杈广€?銆?浠庡乏杈瑰悜鍙冲嵎璧锋潵锛岃窡姝ラ3鏄弽鏂瑰悜鐨勩€?5銆佸嵎濂界殑鐜懓鑺遍ズ瀛愯竟涓婃簿涓€鐐规按锛岃楗哄瓙鐨粡鍚堬紝涓€鏈靛惈鑻炴鏀剧殑婕備寒鐜懓鑺遍ズ瀛愬氨鍋氬ソ浜嗐€?This is a chain of links, and it ‘s just a matter of course. What are you going to do? Do you want to go through it? Could you tell me what to do?5 闒 嗛 抓 銆?銆佽捀鐔熷悗瑁呯洏锛岄厤涓婁竴灏忕闄堥唻鎴栬€呯敓鎶斤紝灏变笂妗屼簡銆?浜屻€佸寘楗哄瓙鐨勬敞鎰忎簨椤?1銆佸皯鏀捐偉鑲夊鏀捐彍锛氫汉浠寘楗哄瓙鍋氶鏂欐椂閮戒範鎯€х殑澶氭斁鐐硅偉鑲夛紝鑲ヨ倝鑴傝偑鍚噺楂橈紝鍚冭捣鏉ユ瘮杈冮銆備絾鏄垜浠敤鑲ヨ倝鍋氶鏂欙紝鍦ㄥ仛棣呮枡鏃跺啀鏀剧偣妞嶇墿娌硅皟鍛虫椂锛岄ズ瀛愮殑鑴傝偑鍚噺涓€瀹氳秴鏍囷紝鑳嗗浐閱囧惈閲忚秴鏍囥€傛渶濂芥槸鐢ㄤ節鍒嗙槮鑲夊仛棣呮枡锛屼篃鍙互閫夋嫨鑳嗗浐閱囧惈閲忚緝浣庣殑楸艰櫨绫讳唬鏇夸竴閮ㄥ垎鑲夌被銆傝倝绫绘渶濂藉崰鏁翠釜棣呮枡鐨勫洓鍒嗕箣涓€锛屽啀鍔犲叆鍥涘垎涔嬩笁鐨勮敩鑿滐紝灏卞彲浠ヨ揪鍒拌惀鍏诲钩琛°€?We are trying to find the best way to find out how to find the best way to find out how to find the best way to find out how to find the best way to solve the problems in the village.存椂涓€浜涙按婧舵€х淮鐢熺礌銆佺熆鐗╄川閮戒细闅忕潃姘村垎娴佸け鎺変竴閮ㄥ垎锛岀壒鍒槸姘存遗憾镐хEvidence from the state of Huaiyin County, the search for evidence, according to the evidence, and the evidence is slippery, sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, squirting, sloppy, sloppy勮弻钘荤被椋熺墿锛屽棣栾弴銆佹湪钥炽€侀摱鑰炽€佹捣甯︺€佽甯︾瓑钘荤被銆備笉浠呭彲浠ユ敼鍠勯鏂欑殑鍙f劅銆侀鐗╂洿澶氭牱銆佽繕鍙互甯姪鍑忓皯鑳嗗浐閱囧拰鑴傝偑鐨勫惛鏀堕噺銆?

[Mango jelly cheese practice]_Mango jelly cheese homemade practice_Mango jelly cheese practice _Mango jelly cheese how to do

瀵逛簬姣忎釜浜烘潵璇达紝閮芥兂鏈変釜绋冲畾鐨勫伐浣滐紝鍐嶆湁涓€浠藉ソ鐨勬敹鍏ワ紝鏈€鍚庡啀鍔犱笂涓€涓垢绂忕殑瀹跺涵锛岃繖鏍风殑浜虹敓涔熷氨瀹岀編浜嗐€備絾鏄畬缇庣殑鍚屾椂锛屼綘闇€瑕佹湁鍋ュ悍鐨勮韩浣撴潵浜彈鎵嶈銆備负浜嗗仴搴凤紝璇蜂綘缁忓父鍦ㄥ鍋氶キ鍚冦€傚鏋滀綘涓嶄細锛岄偅鐜板湪灏辫璺熺潃灏忕紪涓€璧锋潵瀛﹀仛鑺掓灉鍐昏姖澹€?.12 擂 擒 唷 犻 吂 搧 搧 鐑 Press Qi 寲 寲 2.21 鎺 恓 灉 铡 荤 捊 雒 囧 潡 3.1鍚夊埄涓佺墖鍑夋按娉¤蒋锛屽姞鍏ョ墰濂朵腑闅旂儹姘磋瀺鍖栥€傚垏濂界殑鑺掓灉杈冨ソ鐪嬬殑褰㈢姸鐣欑潃鏀惧叆妯″叿渚ч潰鍜屼腑闂达紝杩樻湁鏈€鍚庤楗板湪涓婇潰锛岃竟瑙掗儴鍒嗗氨鍜岃蒋鍖栫殑濂堕叒鍜岄吀濂朵竴璧峰叆鏂欑悊鏈烘墦鍖€锛岃繃涓€閬嶇瓫4。2 Di “ザ 娌 姏 姏 协 界 爞 砨 墦 堦 Tweezers?5英镑鍔犲叆铻嶅寲濂界殑鍚夊埄涓佺墰濂舵恫鍜屾墦鍙戠殑娣″ザ娌规媽鍖€鍗虫垚6.妯″瓙閲屽厛閾轰竴灞傛瘮搴曞皬涓€鐐圭殑铔嬬硶鐗囷紝鐒跺悗鍊掑叆鑺濆+娑诧紝鍛ㄥ洿璐磋竟鎽嗚姃鏋滀竵锛屼腑闂翠篃鎽嗕竴浜?.Draw х Draw chains, and you will be able to see them: 姽 啽 厽 囕 側 偝 囝 始 揀 嫵 8.鏈€鍚庡€掓弧锛堢暀灏戣绌洪棿鏈€鍚庡€掗暅闈級鍏ュ啺绠卞喎钘?9英镑銆愰暅闈€戞姹?0g鍔犲噳姘磋蒋鍖栫殑鍚夊埄涓佺墖鍗婄墖闅旂儹姘磋瀺鍖栵紝绋嶅噳鍚庡€掑湪鍐疯棌濂界殑铔嬬硶涓婇潰缁х画鍐疯棌涓€浼?0.鎶 奓 ekue 弉 幉 繞 繂 軂 裖 鍖?杩炴ā鍏堟斁涓婂嚑鍧楄姃鏋滀竵锛屽啀鎶婂墿浣欑殑鑺濆+娑插€掑叆锛屽叆鍐扮鍐峰喕4灏忔椂浠ヤ笂11.I ‘m not sure what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?殑鍘ㄦ埧锛屽湪鎴戜滑鑷繁鐨勫ぉ鍦伴棷鍑鸿嚜宸辩殑鑺掓灉鍐昏姖澹€?

McGrady Technology (603990) Incident Review: Major Shareholders Substantially Subscribe to Increase IVF Integration Ability

McGrady Technology (603990) Incident Review: Major Shareholders Substantially Subscribe to Increase IVF Integration Ability
Event: On February 26, the company announced the plan for the non-public issuance of A shares in 2020: 39.The price of 38 yuan / share is issued to no more than 2539 to 5 specific investors.360,000 shares (inclusive), and the total amount of raised funds shall not exceed RMB 10% (inclusive) to supplement the company’s working capital.  Investment points: The actual controller subscribes for 500 million yuan, and the stability of control is improved.This time, 5 specific investors will be added for cash subscription, of which the actual controller of the company, Weng Kang, will subscribe for about 1269.680,000 shares at a subscription price of 5 trillion; Chen Jixia subscribed for approximately 507.870,000 shares with a subscription price of 2 trillion; Shanghai Yuehai Asset Management Co., Ltd. subscribes for 457.08,000 shares at a subscription consideration of 1.800 million; Wells Fargo Fund subscribed for 152.360,000 shares with a subscription consideration of 60 million yuan; Minsheng Securities subscribed for 152.360,000 shares, the subscription consideration of 60 million yuan.The company’s actual controller has a direct and indirect shareholding ratio of 14.99%, controlling its total shareholding ratio with those acting in concert to 21.74%.After the completion of the additional issue, the company’s actual controller Weng Kang and his concerted parties 武汉夜网论坛 will hold a total shareholding ratio of 26.95%.In our opinion, a substantial proportion of the company’s actual controllers subscribe for the company’s shares, and the company’s control will be more stable, which also reflects the company’s confidence in the company’s development prospects.  The company’s competitiveness has been further enhanced, and its IVF integration capabilities have been enhanced.The company is a domestic leader in clinical medical informatization (CIS). Its DoCare series of clinical medical management information system products, Doricon digital operating room and comprehensive solutions for digital ward and digital emergency platform being promoted have formed a leading market comparison in the field of CIS.High and high brand awareness.The funds raised this time will further strengthen the company’s capital 重庆耍耍网 strength and help the company increase efficiency. The company will take advantage of its existing market share, customer group and business understanding depth as an advantage, and transform users, markets and technologies through transformation to promote the company’s existing product depth.Applications and promotion of new products further enhance the company’s competitive advantage.The replenishment of working capital will optimize the company’s capital structure, reduce interest rates, and improve the company’s ability to resist risks.In fact, we believe that the supplement of working capital will enhance the company’s ability to integrate assisted reproductive resources.  Earnings forecast and investment rating: Maintain “Buy” rating.We believe that the company is a leader in the domestic CIS segment. Raising funds will further enhance the company’s competitiveness and anti-risk capabilities. At the same time, the company’s ability to integrate IVF resources will also be improved. The actual control of the proportion of people who subscribe reflects its confidence in the company’s development.We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.64/0.85/1.11 yuan (regardless of the impact of the fixed increase on the company’s performance and equity), corresponding to the current progress of PE is 97/73/56 times, maintaining the “Buy” rating.  Risk reminders: 1) Risk of failure of non-public stock issuance; 2) Company performance is less than expected

Depth-Company-Moutai, Guizhou (600519): Strong demand releases momentum and is expected to continue to exceed expectations in the next 2 years

Depth * Company * Guizhou Moutai (600519): Strong demand and strong performance release momentum enough to continue to exceed expectations in the next 2 years

Guizhou Moutai issued a performance forecast. In the first quarter of 2019, total operating income increased by about 20%, and net profit increased by about 30%.

  Key points to support the rating 1Q19 total operating income increased by about 20%, net profit increased 北京桑拿洗浴保健 by about 30%, significantly exceeding market expectations.

(1) Terminal demand is very strong.

According to the release plan announced before the Moutai Festival, the amount of Moutai liquor released during the Spring Festival of 19 years has gradually increased, which may exceed 10%.

According to our grassroots research, the price of income continues to rise. In 2018, the price of General Mao’s income was in the region of 1550 to 1800 yuan.

(2) The number of Moutai liquor dealers decreased by 437 in 2018, and the internal rectification continued in 2019. The traditional dealers were further replaced, so the proportion of direct sales and non-standards can be significantly increased, which will increase the average price.

(3) The accounts received in advance at the end of 18 years have reached 135.

800 million, an 杭州夜网 increase of 24 from 3Q18.

100 million, according to our grassroots survey, in March 19, the dealers have paid for the second quarter, so we judge that the company may confirm the advance payment in some cisterns, so that the 1Q19 final statement advance payment can be maintained at a reasonable level.

(4) According to Moutai’s official Weibo news, sauce-flavored wines maintained a rapid growth rate in the first quarter, with a year-on-year increase of 26%, and single-season sales revenue exceeded 2 billion yuan.

(5) The income with a higher net profit growth rate is included in the increase in the average sales price of Maotai liquor, and the replacement may cause a series of wine expense growth rates.

  Under the background of internal remediation, channel profits continue to transform, and the company ‘s performance release momentum is declining, and the performance in 19-20 is expected to continue to exceed expectations.

Vertical and horizontal comparison shows that the current channel profits of Moutai are relatively high.

In 18 years, the personnel of Moutai continued to change. The company carried out special rectification activities and worked hard to create a positive marketing environment. The number of Moutai liquor dealers decreased by 437.

We think the internal improvement of Moutai will help the channel profit to continue to return.

The chairman of the board of directors on December 28, 18, highlighted the principle of “fast, fast, no room, no retreat”. In addition, the chairman was at the Boao Forum in March 1919. He hoped that by the end of the year,The actual results will be better than planned, which also shows that the company’s performance is scheduled to release momentum.

  Estimated EPS 35 in 19-20.

20, 42.

48 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.

6%, 20.


Moutai demand has maintained a strong growth trend. Under the background of internal remediation, channel profits will continue to fall back, and the performance may continue to exceed expectations. Maintain a BUY rating.

  Inventories of major risk channels facing ratings exceeded expectations.

Sunlord Electronics (002138) Dynamic Research: Domestic Inductor Leader 5G Provides New Growth Energy

Sunlord Electronics (002138) Dynamic Research: Domestic Inductor Leader 5G Provides New Growth Energy
Key points of investment: Based on inductance, 5G will increase the revenue elasticity of the inductance business.The company started from the production of laminated and wound inductors, and has now become the top five in the world and the first domestic leading inductor company. The company already has 0201-type inductors in bulk supply and 01005-type inductors in mass production capacity.The differences between global passive component leaders such as TDK are gradually narrowing, and they have become core inductor suppliers for domestic first-tier smartphone brand manufacturers such as HOVM. At present, the amount of inductance purchased by large domestic customers from the company accounts for about 20% -30% of the company’s overall inductance revenue. The Sino-US trade friction and the 成都桑拿网 incident of Huawei being included in the entity list have forced Huawei to invest in the replacement of mobile phone investment.The company’s performance also has an impact, but this incident made domestic core terminal manufacturers realize the progress of achieving domestic controllability of the supply chain, and it is expected that the orders of companies such as the United States and even Japan and South Korea will gradually be transferred to China.Companies, and in the field of laminated and wound inductors, the company is one of the best. The current routine, Sino-US relations have eased, and core domestic customers will at least recover from the tense situation at the beginning of May.For companies, this is definitely beneficial. In the future 5G terminals, the RF front-end module will be improved, the circuit complexity will also be improved, and the inductor dose will increase accordingly. In the face of increasingly congested mobile phone internal space, shrinking volume will become the main trendOne, for example, the use of ultra-small inductors such as 0402 and 01005 will increase. On the whole, there is still room for increasing the value of single-machine inductors in mobile phones in the future. As the world ‘s first gradient inductor company, the company will obviously benefit. Automotive electronics are gaining momentum.The company’s current automotive electronics products are mainly transformers, and its main customers are Bosch and Valeo, which account for about 70% of transformer revenue. Due to the demand for reliability in the automotive industry, there are only natural customer certification barriers, and downstream car companies generally do notChange suppliers at will. Even so, the company still has to be rational and cautious about expanding production. At present, the order volume of Bosch and Valeo is gradually expanding, and the company is also developing important car companies such as Tesla.The capacity of conversion transformers is developed in an orderly manner, and the company’s performance elasticity is expected to further increase. Around 5G multi-faceted layout, open up new space for growth.As mentioned above, the value of the company’s inductor products in 5G terminals will be improved. In addition, the company will also actively deploy LTCC antennas, LTCC filters, and ceramic dielectric filters and other services around 5G construction.Smooth, will open up new growth space for the company. Earnings forecast and investment rating: Covered for the first time, giving overweight rating.The company has a breakthrough strength in inductor-related technologies (magnetic powder preparation and winding, etc.), which is also one of the most important reliance of the company’s future development. At the same time, the company is actively deploying such as LTCC antennas / filtersNew businesses such as ceramic dielectric filters, transformers and ceramic backplanes strive to break through the ceiling of the company’s development. It is expected that the company will achieve net profit in 2019-2021.58 billion, 6.60 billion and 7.80 ppm, currently the corresponding PE is 25.41, 21.49 and 18.17 times.The easing of the Sino-US relationship and the improvement of large domestic customers in the preparation of smart terminal parts and components will help the company to benefit from this and produce satisfactory performance answers.Covered for the first time, giving the company an overweight rating. Risk reminders: (1) Sino-US trade frictions appear repeatedly; (2) 5G progress improvement trend; (3) The company’s new product introduction situation is not smooth.

Eating too much tofu causes a variety of diseases


Eating too much tofu causes a variety of diseases

Although the tofu is good, eating more has its drawbacks, and overdose will endanger health.

銆€銆€Tofu is one of the most widely used and most popular cooking ingredients. It is made from soybeans, green beans and black beans. It is soaked, refined, filtered, boiled, refined, solidified and shaped.

The protein content of tofu and tofu products is higher than that of soybeans, and the tofu protein is a complete protein, which is rich in eight essential amino acids, and its proportion is close to the needs of the human body, and the nutritional potency is high.

銆€銆€Tofu also contains traces, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, tofu is sweet and cool, into the spleen, stomach, large intestine, has the effect of benefiting Qi and middle, Shengjin Runzao, clearing away heat and detoxifying, can be used to treat red eyes, thirst, sulphur, shochu and so on.

Although the tofu is good, eating more has its drawbacks, and excess will also endanger health.

銆€銆€Problem 1: Gradual decline in renal function Under normal circumstances, the plant protein that people eat into the body undergoes metabolic changes, and most of them become nitrogen-containing waste, which is replaced by the kidney.

When people reach old age, the ability of the kidney to excrete waste is reduced. If you do not pay attention to diet, eat a lot of tofu and cause too much vegetable protein, it will increase the amount of nitrogenous waste that occurs in the body, increase the burden on the kidney, and further decline the kidney function.Not conducive to good health.

銆€銆€Although the tofu is good, eating more has its drawbacks, and overdose will endanger health.

銆€銆€Question 2: Causes indigestion Tofu contains a lot of rich protein. It is not enough for the body to absorb iron at one time, and it is easy to cause protein indigestion, bloating, diarrhea and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Problem 3: Insulin Atherosclerosis Formation American medical experts point out that soy products contain a high concentration of methionine, which can be converted to cysteine by the action of enzymes.

Cysteine can damage the endothelial cells of the arterial wall, and it is easy to deposit plasma and triglyceride on the arterial wall to promote the formation of arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€Question 4: Soybean that causes iodine deficiency Tofu is made of a substance called saponin, which not only prevents atherosclerosis, but also promotes iodine excretion in the human body.

Long-term excessive consumption of tofu is likely to cause iodine deficiency, leading to iodine deficiency.

銆€銆€Question 5: Tofu with excessive gout caused by gout attack, gout patients with disordered metabolism and metabolism, and patients with increased blood uric acid concentration may cause gout attacks, especially for patients with gout.

銆€銆€It can be seen that although the tofu is good, it should not be eaten every day. Do not overdose it once.

Older people and kidney disease, iron deficiency anemia, gout disease, arteriosclerosis patients should control the amount of food.

Chinese medicine believes that tofu is cold, stomach cold and easy diarrhea, abdominal distension, spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency often occur in nocturnal emission.

6 words to judge whether your meridian has been reset!

6 words to judge whether your “meridian” has been reset!

People often say that “the general rule is not painful, but the pain is not acceptable.” In fact, it is said that when the meridian is unreasonable, the human body will issue some “help signals.”

Headache, cold in the abdomen, upset and upset, and edema in the legs. These may be manifestations of meridians.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records: “The meridians, the reason why people are born, the reason why the disease is made, the reason why people rule, the reason for the disease.

It also shows that the occurrence of the disease is inseparable from the meridian.

The six “help signals” issued by the meridians are unfavorable or blocked, and the corresponding symptoms can appear in the meridians.

The meridians are the channels through which blood and blood run, and the excess or deficiency of blood may affect the meridian function, thus showing meridian complications.

Check if your body has the following six reactions. If there is, it means that the meridian is unreasonable.

1, pain (pain) meridian pain has two characteristics: First, pain occurs in multiple parts of the meridian line; second, there is “traction pain” along the meridian line, common headache, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain,Knee joint pain and so on.

Different parts of the pain are different from the people, and are closely related to the human body and other factors. The same class, often use computers, mobile phones, work at the desk, easy to appear neck and shoulders, waist discomfort, mental workers are prone to dizziness if they do not eat breakfast.The head is in pain.

2, cold is good in the knee joint, back, stomach cramps.

Wearing a umbilical cord, the abdomen is prone to cold and cold pain; the electric car family, the knee joint is easy to wind, even wearing a thick knee protector is difficult to avoid; the back is the most vulnerable part of the human body.

3, hot meridians can also be hot symptoms, such as the heart (heart from the heart, in the body and body surface, each has a sequential route, the body surface is along the trailing edge of the elbow until the little finger), the trouble is up, handsSanyin (hand Sanyinjing including lung, heart and pericardium) is not smooth, such as palmar fever, it will lead to hemorrhoids, even facial hot and other symptoms.

“Hot” is good for people who are angry. These people are generally tempered, so angry that they can’t hold back the fire.

4, numb is most common in the hands and feet, tongue.

The numbness of the arm and the lumbar vertebrae are related to the poor meridian, which is common in the desk workers; the numbness of the foot and the lumbar vertebrae are related to the poor meridian, which is more common in sedentary people; the numbness of the tongue and the meridian of the brain are related to the poorHigh blood pressure, elderly people with coronary heart disease.

5, sour human muscles are prone to soreness, more common in people who usually lack exercise.

After exercise, the body is sore, and it will relieve after a day or two of rest; it is also prone to soreness in the early stage of the cold, which is related to the incompatibility of the sun.

6, swelling and swelling is good for the lower limbs, abdomen, waist.

Swelling of the lower extremities is related to the foot yin yin, which is mostly caused by a part of the work; the abdomen, the swelling of the waist and the kidney, the chronic disease of the heart, mostly in the middle-aged and elderly.

In life, you should develop good habits.

It is necessary to strengthen the exercise, such as the Chinese medicine guide method Ba Duan Jin and Wu Qin Xi, suitable for people of all ages to practice, and can strengthen the bones for a long time.

To maintain a good mood, the air is unobstructed.

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