2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open Higgins 8th single shot 147 full score video recording

2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open Higgins 8th single shot 147 full score video recording
On November 17th, in the second round of the 2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open, the wizard Higgins had another wonderful performance. After facing two 130+ shots in the game of Craig, in the firstCompleted the first 8 shots of 147 points in 5 innings.Higgins’s recent performance is like an open one. After the Chinese Championships and the championship, the strong momentum has not weakened.Now after a lapse of four years, the perfect score has been blasted again, and the state of the peak period has been recovered. Let us review the recent amazing performance of Higgins.希金斯状态爆棚  中锦赛决赛连续三局破百收尾  在广州进行的首届斯诺克中国锦标赛中,希金斯一路连克威廉姆斯、卡特和艾伦后打进决赛,面对宾汉In Mu’s final, the two players drew all the way in a row, and the game split to a 7-7 draw.The game of 19 innings became a decisive battle with 3 wins in 5 innings. Higgins broke out in an amazing fight at the crucial moment, breaking 134, 100 and 101 in a single shot, breaking 100 in three consecutive games, and finally defeating Bingham 10-7.  0-77单局逆转墨菲  冠中冠首轮希金斯遭遇强劲对手墨菲,在第三局墨菲31-0领先后贴绿球做出斯诺克,希金斯随后解球连罚46 points, 0-77 big score behind and there are many red balls in the library.In such a passive situation, Higgins then developed the skill of the master of the ball, gradually untied the red ball of Kubian, and then used a snooker to let Murphy make a penalty and missed the ball again. In the end, Higgins completed the classic game.reverse.  逆转轰出4杆破百的丁俊晖  冠中冠半决赛希金斯和丁俊晖的比赛尤其精彩,不同于北爱赛首轮出局的低迷,本场比赛丁俊晖可以说是手感爆棚,先后完成单杆135, 107, 142, 102 four shots broke 100, and 5-4 took the lead to obtain match points.Even though Ding Junhui has played the best offensive of his career, Higgins has always clenched the score and overwhelmed his opponent with experience at the last moment, completing the classic reversal show in two consecutive games.  10杆50+奥沙利文难以招架  冠中冠决赛注定是载入史册的经典对决,9年没有在决赛相遇的希金斯和奥沙利文展开冠军争夺战,两名选手毫无保留的展开对In the offensive battle, although O’Sullivan had Snooker’s strongest offensive firepower, this game was blocked by Higgins.In this game, Higgins did not complete one shot to break 100, but blasted an amazing performance of 10 shots and 50+. All the 10 innings won in the final were won by one shot, which made O’Sullivan also convinced.  Back-to-back consecutive championships Higgins won two championship tournaments with gold content in the championship and the championship in two weeks, achieving the feat of back-to-back consecutive championships.The last time Higgins won back-to-back consecutive championships in two major events, it will be recalled that in 1998, Higgins pulled Hendry from the altar season, when Higgins defeated Hendry 9-8 at the British Open.After winning the championship, he then defeated Dahdi in the World Championships to take the championship.2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open Appreciation-Higgins career eighth shot 147!  Exciting bag 8th shot 147  Higgins’s wonderful performance has not stopped, in the second round of the Northern Ireland match against Craig, Higgins showed a very good state from the beginning, even hit twoPole 130+Large broken hundred.In the fifth game after getting the match point, Craig once made a high-quality snooker, Higgins did not miss the ball.Afterwards, he scored around the black ball after playing on the bench. The most exciting place appeared in the last red ball. The missed call made it impossible to K the last red ball in the library. Higgins had to choose a difficult turn.Attacked in the bag, after successfully turning into the red ball and clearing the colored balls.  Higgins, after following the 2012 British Championships, achieved another 147 full marks in four years. It was also the eighth 147 full mark in his career and the 123rd full mark in snooker history.In the 147 list, Higgins ranked third after O’Sullivan (13 strokes) and Hendry (11 strokes).

[Is sesame salad dressing high?]_ Energy_High or High

[Is sesame salad dressing high?]_ Energy_High or High

Salad dressing can be said to be the most common sauce in everyone’s daily life, and there are many types of salad dressings.

But most of the salad dressing is made with egg yolk and lard, so the conversion in the salad dressing is very high.

The common salad dressings in the market have many different flavors. For example, the flavor of sesame is mixed in the sesame salad dressing.

Quantity: 323 kcal (100 grams), a kind of uncle’s food, it is not appropriate to eat more salad dressing to lose weight to lose weight.

Salad dressing is divided into mayonnaise, Thousand Island dressing, Caesar dressing, sesame dressing, basil pesto sauce, Japanese vinegar sauce, and lemon soy sauce.

And for different sauces, the transition is different.

You won’t get fat with a very low amount of sauce.

Initially, the salad dressing did not gain weight. The lemon soy sauce did not gain weight.

For every 100 milliliters of lemon soy sauce, there are 14 calories and 0 protein.

5 grams, 0 grams aunt, 3 grams of carbonic acid.

Generally, the oil and vinegar salad dressing is less flavorful than the creamy salad dressing.

People who lose weight do not prevent choosing this salad dressing for salads.

At first, salad dressings tend to get fatter. Creamy salad dressings tend to get fatter.

Creamy salad dressings such as mayonnaise, Thousand Island dressing, Caesar dressing tend to gain weight.

The flavor of mayonnaise is 614 kcal per 100 milliliters. Just one spoonful of oil is enough for one meal.

Therefore, dieters should try to avoid creamy salad dressings.

Controlling the amount of salad dressing is crucial for healthy eating. Controlling the amount of salad dressing is critical. It is recommended that a meal not exceed 20 grams.

Also, when making salads, try picking oil and vinegar salad dressings.

And if you choose creamy sauce, you can dip it aside and eat it rather than mix it all.

Minimize the frequency of salad dressings.

In addition, using yogurt instead of salad dressing is also a good choice.

[Can half-year-old babies eat peaches?

】 _Baby and Toddler_Can you eat

[Can half-year-old babies eat peaches?
】 _Baby and Toddler_Can you eat

In terms of eating peaches, many people are more casual. Young people have better physical conditions. There is not much attention to eating peaches, but some people need to pay attention. Such older people are vulnerable to high blood sugar.Leaks, peaches contain a certain amount of sugar, so people with high blood sugar try to eat less peaches, and people with poor gastrointestinal function also try to eat less. Half-year-old babies have begun to add complementary foods, can such a big babyHow about peaches?

Can half-year-old babies eat peaches?
Babies eat peaches. Babies are not suitable for eating raw peaches. Restructuring the stomach causes harm. However, if the baby wants to eat peaches, he can choose to eat cooked peaches.

After the peaches are cooked, the supplementary fiber structure is destroyed, making the peaches easier to digest. Although it will destroy some nutrients, it will not cause harm to health. This is the best way for babies to eat peaches.

How to cook peaches Tangshui peaches Ingredients Fresh peaches 800g Supplementary sugar 150g Water 3500ml Step 11

Boil water in the pot.

twenty two

Wash the peaches.


Peel and peel and cut into small pieces.


Add rock sugar when the water is boiling.


Put peach pieces.


The fire is boiling.


Cover the shells and simmer for 20 minutes.

Tips 1.

The amount of rock sugar depends on personal preference.

What should baby pay attention to when eating fruits? Because the baby is weak, many foods are not suitable for consumption, but some fruits can still be eaten in small amounts, such as apples, bananas, watermelons, grapes, kiwi, mango, strawberry, orange, orange, YintaoDragon fruit, melon and other fruits, these fruits are only suitable for the baby to eat the pulp, the seeds, peels and other undigestible needs to be removed, and you can not eat too much to avoid discomfort.

Due to your baby’s special constitution, you must take extra care in your diet to avoid affecting your health.

Always wash your hands when feeding your baby, keep the parts that come in contact with your baby clean, and cutlery must be strictly disinfected.

Disinfection and sterilization safety measures must be taken for foods that are given to the baby to prevent illness from entering the mouth.

Foods for babies should not be irritating, so as not to cause gastrointestinal damage and complications. It is not appropriate to eat foods that are difficult to digest, so as to prevent the baby’s gastrointestinal disorders and discomfort.

[Changde Beef Noodle Practice]_How to do it

[Changde Beef Noodle Practice]_How to do it

People say that people who have been to Hunan, if you have n’t eaten Changde ‘s beef noodles, do n’t say that you ‘ve been to Hunan, it shows how delicious the beef noodles in Changde, Hunan, are the best among the rice noodlesIn addition to the Hunan people’s favorite food, the nearby people also like to eat it, and the beef powder in Changde, Hunan has his unique flavor. The specific method of Changde beef powder is to make the soup base first. For 20 pounds of beef, 25 grams of haw, 8 grams of gardenia, 8 grams of lingering herbs, 20 grams of hollywood, 25 grams of cloves, 30 grams of ginger, 25 grams of husks, 40 grams of cumin, 25 grams of white peony, 25 grams of white peony, 25 grams of fragrant leaves, 25 woody notesGrams, 50 grams of anise, 25 grams of Wujiapi, 25 grams of peach, 25 grams of sand kernels, 25 grams of grass fruit, 25 grams of cinnamon sticks, 20 grams of peppercorns, appropriate amount of paprika1.

Cut the beef into pieces, soak it in water for about an hour, and then rinse and squeeze it repeatedly with water to drain the blood.


Add 1 kg of beef, 3 kg of water, and 10 g of ginger. Cover and cook in a cooking pot. Pick up the beef when it is 6 years old, place it in a container, and cut into 3 cm square pieces.


Add 2 pounds of butter and 1 pound of vegetable oil, 3 pounds of chili powder, boil the vegetable oil, add butter, and add chili powder after cooling. 4

Boil beef soup, add 1 kg of beef to red oil, cook for 3 minutes with star anise, and add salt and MSG for low heat.


Rice noodles boiled and topped with soup, sprinkled with beef and green onion to make ready-made beef: 1.

Coat the beef with salt and marinate for 30 minutes 2.

Cut the beef into pieces, add water to the pot, add the ginger slices and boil for 15 minutes and cut into small pieces.

Add oil to the wok, add cinnamon sticks, peppercorns, and anise to fry when it is 80% hot.

Add butter, stir-fried beef and ginger.

Add sugar, white wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, paprika, and toss with water.

Put osmanthus oil, simmer for 30 minutes, and cook it.


Preparation of comfrey oil (mentioned before when roasting gluten, natural harmless pigment): 2 kg of oil heated, 5 g of comfrey fried, add 2 kg of water, 1 slice of pepper, 1 kg of paprika, stir-fryOnly oil is left.

Xinao Shares (600803): Set up equity in Xinao Energy to build an integrated upstream and downstream platform for natural gas

Xinao Shares (600803): Set up equity in Xinao Energy to build an integrated upstream and downstream platform for natural gas

Event: On September 11, Xin’ao shares issued a major asset replacement. Issuance of shares and payment of cash to purchase assets and raise matching funds are related party transaction plans.

The transaction was the internal integration of a number of listed companies controlled by Mr. Wang Yusuo, the actual controller of the company.

Xinao Shares purchased the shares of Xinao Energy held by the actual controller, accounting for 32 of Xinao Energy.

81% equity; payment methods are: 1) 10 held by Xinao shares.

07% Santos shares for asset replacement; 2) Issue of shares at an issue price of 9.

88 yuan; 3) Pay cash.

The first transaction includes the raising of matching funds, and the number of shares issued does not exceed 20% of the company’s total share capital before the issue.

Comment: After the completion of the reconstruction, Xinao Energy’s consolidated consolidated statement will significantly increase the company’s performance and cash flow.

The installed Xinao Energy is the largest private gas distributor in China. The total sales of natural gas in H1 2019 will be 13.2 billion cubic meters, + 15% per year, and the industrial and commercial gas volume will account for 75%. Other businesses such as integrated energy also maintain rapid growth momentum.

From 2000 to 2018, the sales volume of Xinao Energy’s natural gas increased by 1372 times, which brought rich returns to shareholders.

On September 10, the market value of Xinao Energy was 78 billion yuan, and Bloomberg’s performance in 2019 was expected to be 4.7 billion yuan and PE to 16.

6 times, 32.

81% equity corresponds to a market value of 25.6 billion yuan, 15.

400 million profit.

The assets of Santos sold are upstream natural gas mining enterprises, with a market value of about 78 billion on September 10, and Bloomberg’s 2019 performance is expected to be 5.6 billion and PE is 13.

9 times, 10.

07% equity corresponds to a market value of 7.9 billion, 5.

600 million profit.

After the completion of the reconstruction, the revenue and profit of Xinao will mainly improve the contribution performance and cash flow of the gas distribution sector, and the company ‘s forecast level is expected to increase.

And the company will become the 都市夜网 largest national gas distribution company listed on A shares, leading position.

The shareholding ratio of major shareholders has increased significantly, demonstrating confidence in the future development of Xinao.

After the reorganization is completed, the shareholding ratio of major shareholders will be increased from the current 48%, and indirectly, the equity of Hong Kong shares in Xinao Energy will be held through Xinao Shares.

And the issue price is 9.

88 yuan, higher than the price before suspension, also shows the major shareholders’ confidence in the future development of Xinao shares.

The formation of Xinao Group’s natural gas integration platform is expected to become a leader in integrating natural gas upstream and downstream resources.

1) After the independent pipe network and natural gas market reform, the domestic natural gas industry will form a “pipeline in the middle and let go of both ends” pattern. Downstream distribution will rely more on upstream gas sources, and upstream gas sources will also rely on downstream distribution.

The integration of upstream gas source + downstream distribution will be particularly important in the future development of natural gas.

2) The completion of the construction of a natural gas upstream and downstream integration platform by a large shareholder in a single share also paves the way for further expansion and strengthening of the natural gas sector, and the related party transactions will be greatly reduced after the reorganization.

While Xin’ao shares share the steady growth of downstream distribution, its ability to obtain upstream gas sources has also been significantly enhanced.

Maintain profit forecast, maintain “Buy” rating and target price13.

6 yuan.

As the reorganization has not yet been completed, we still make performance forecasts based on existing assets and maintain EPS for 2019-2021.

24 yuan, 1.

37 yuan and 1.

43 yuan.

We maintain our “Buy” rating and target price based on our long-term growth potential for the natural gas downstream sector and our optimistic outlook for the company ‘s natural gas upstream and downstream assets.

6 yuan.

Risk warning: there is uncertainty about the completion of the reorganization; Xinao Group’s upstream and downstream integration and development of natural gas are less than expected; the risk of methanol and coal price fluctuations.

Tin Industry (000960) Annual Report Comments: Profits Hit Another Record

Tin Industry 天津夜网 (000960) Annual Report Comments: Profits Hit Another Record
Core point of view: Profit growth hits record high According to the company’s annual report, the operating income was 396.0 ppm, an increase of 15 over the same period last year.1%; total profit 13.30,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.1%, once again set a new historical high.Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.810,000 yuan, an increase of 24 over the same period last year.8%.CCB Financial Investment invested 800 million yuan in dividends from the company ‘s subsidiary Hualian Zinc Titanium to optimize its capital structure.The company acquired 100% equity of Gejiu Yunxi Shuangjing Industrial Co., Ltd. in December 2018. Global leader, ready to launch in 2018 the company produces tin ingots3.53 for the first time, growing by 5 per year.7%; 杭州夜生活网 tin production 2.85 for the first time, with an annual increase of 0.5%; tin chemical industry 1.7 Initially, it grows 4 per year.9%; tungsten copper 10.59 for the first time, growing by 13 each year.9%.In 2018, the company’s domestic market share of tin metal was 44%, and its global market share was 20.04%, the overall advantage of the tin industry leader is obvious.The Yunxi Wenshan Zinc Indium Smelting Project has been successfully commissioned, and it is expected to reach the production standard in 2019; Hualian Zinc Ingot Company has obtained 360 mining licenses per year from the Tongjie-Manjiazhai mining area, which will help the company to continue high growth in the future.In terms of increasing reserves, non-ferrous metal resources will be replenished in advance in 201824.24 announcement (not evaluated for record). The 2019-2021 results are 0.60 yuan / share, 0.69 yuan / share, 0.78 yuan per share due to loose global currency liquidity, counter-cyclical investment in China’s infrastructure, the economy has gradually stabilized, and at the same time, tin, copper, and zinc stocks are at historically low levels. Metal prices may continue to stabilize and improve.In particular, the problem of tin supply is gradually rebuilding, and the price of tin may usher in a period of rapid growth.Based on the company’s business and tin, copper and zinc price judgments, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.60, 0.69, 0.78 yuan / share, corresponding to the closing price of PE on April 16, respectively 22, 19, 17 times; according to the wind, the company’s average PB in the past three years is 1.93 times, giving the company 1 in 2019.9 times PB is reasonable, and it is estimated that the net assets in 2019 will be 7.77 yuan, corresponding to a reasonable value of 14.76 yuan / share, give “overweight” rating. Risks suggest that metal prices have fallen sharply, and downstream consumption has fallen short of expectations, withdrawing the impact of impairment.

New Hope (000876): Sow inventory continues to increase, and pig breeding business is rapidly advancing-Minutes of CICC Annual Strategy Meeting

New Hope (000876): Sow inventory continues to increase, and pig breeding business is rapidly advancing-Minutes of CICC Annual Strategy Meeting

Recent situation of the company We recently invited the New Hope Trade Union to participate in the CICC Beijing Investment Strategy Meeting and have in-depth exchanges with investors.

Commentary The hog breeding business is booming, and the industry is clearly differentiated: We believe that the hog breeding industry is in an upswing cycle, and the industry’s production capacity continues to be eliminated, and high pig prices promote the company’s hog breeding business to profitably release.

At current pig prices, the company’s average head profit has exceeded RMB 2,000, and we judge that the company’s average head profit for pig farming will remain at a better 北京夜网 level in 2020.

At the same time, the company stated that this round of epidemic will be beneficial to large-scale enterprises for a long time. Recently, free-range farmers have limited production, and large-scale farming enterprises are rapidly producing.growth of.

Vigorously develop hog breeding and increase the sow inventory to support the volume of slaughter next year: The company stated that it is currently rapidly developing hog breeding business.

Carry out prevention and control, and control the epidemic through biological safety purification.

Prior to this, sow feeding was increased. The company stated that by the end of October, there were 300,000 breeding pigs on hand, of which about 200,000 were able to breed sows.

At the same time, the company expects that the breeding stock will reach 40?
500,000 heads, 杭州桑拿 including 25?
300,000 fertile sows.

At present, the company’s output index for 2020 is still 8 million (including outsourced piglets), and the rapid growth of its own breeding pigs will help reduce the company’s proportion of outsourced piglets in 2020.

Considering that the cost of outsourcing piglets is more than that of self-breeding (to 3Q19, self-breeding and self-breeding, the total cost of outsourced piglets is 13).

1, 16.

3 yuan / kg), increasing the company’s sow inventory will reduce the comprehensive breeding cost in 2020 and increase the overall profit contribution of the pig breeding business.

The feed business is developing steadily, and the profit of the animal industry chain is expected to continue to grow: in the feed sector, the company said that the pig feed sales were not good this year, 1?
As long as 3Q19 pig feed sales exceed 20%, and 3Q19 pig feed sales decline by more than 1H19.

But thanks to higher poultry prices and higher sales of poultry feed, it helped the overall profit of the feed business.

In the long run, the company believes that its own feed business has advantages. In the future, as the industry’s concentration increases, the company’s feed sales will still have a stable growth space.

In the poultry sector, the company judged that due to the impact of the epidemic, the prosperity of the poultry industry chain will continue to next year. At the same time, the company stated that in the long-term planning, the poultry industry chain will grow to a scale of 1 billion, and better achieve its own livestock andDocking of poultry slaughtering business.

The estimated recommendations and budget correspond to 23/10 times P / E ratios for 2019/2020.

We maintain our 2019/2020 profit forecast42.


250,000 yuan and target price of 30.

0 yuan unchanged, the target price corresponds to 30/14 times P / E ratio of 2019/2020, + 34% space.

Maintain Outperform rating.

Risky pig production volume is less than expected, raw material prices fluctuate; animal epidemic risk.

6 big diet weight loss methods eat more slim


6 big diet weight loss methods eat more slim

The following six weight loss methods recommended by Xiao Bian are all indicators of diet and weight loss. Each of them is thoroughly liquidated for adults. What is even more rare is that there is no substitute.

If you have the heart, you can count whether the weight reduction in a week or a month reaches the goal you set.

Of course, don’t be too thin!

銆€銆€Eat meat to lose weight?


The chicken breast contains 300 calories, and the 190 calories without skin.

Using peeled chicken instead of regular chicken, you can reduce the average value of 110 cards at a time, and you can lose a few pounds a month.

Of course, this does not mean that you can not eat pork, when you should try to eat as little as possible.

銆€銆€Eating a pizza to slim down Your lunch is usually solved in a pizzeria on the first floor of the building. Will the transfer be too high?

Of course, but it doesn’t matter, you can eat pizza every day, but thick pizza is replaced by thin pizza.

Usually a thick pizza contains 350 calories, while a thin one has only 220 calories, and you can lose 3-7 kg a year.

銆€銆€1 spoon of mustard sauce to lose weight mayonnaise contains 100 calories per second, tomato sauce only 16 calories per second.

Using tomato sauce instead of mayonnaise to mix salads can reduce 84 cal units, which can be 4 kilograms a year.

If you use mustard or lemon juice, you can even lose a few pounds a year.

銆€銆€One of the reasons why you often 鈥渆at鈥?can also cause gluttony is due to delayed interruption.

Being in a “drought” state for a long time makes us feel “very bad”. As a result, we eat far more than we need, and we can’t stop even if we are full.

A little hungry, but not particularly hungry is the best time to eat.

銆€銆€Eating fish is slim and healthy. Every 100 grams of white fleshy fish contains only 1 gram of cockroach.

Replacing red meat with fish four times a week, each time you can reduce your intake of 200-300 calories and reduce your intake of 1200 calories a week.

In addition to the extra misfortune, fish are also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce the incidence of diseases.

Even dark meat fish, the adult content is very low.

銆€銆€Do not cook the pot to lose weight, do you use some kind of pot to cook?

Change to a flat bottom non-stick pan!

Because the flat bottom non-stick pan can make the food not stick to the oil on the bottom surface of the pan, the meal is reduced by at least 100 calories per meal.

If the oil bottle is changed to a nozzle, only a little oil is sprayed on the surface of the food each time it is sintered, and more conversion can be reduced.

Why are children prone to sweating?


Why are children prone to sweating?

Such a baby sweating is mainly physiological sweating, especially the increase in ambient temperature, Mommy did not timely reduce the clothes for the baby, or the activities of the baby, running, jumping, playing.

Therefore, as long as the baby has no other discomfort, sweating is more normal than adults, Mommy does not have to panic, and can not arbitrarily give the baby the use of drugs, so as not to cause adverse consequences.

Reason 2 Because rickets are a frequently-occurring disease of infants, excessive sweating of the baby is caused by it. Therefore, after excluding the above-mentioned reasons, should the baby pay attention to whether the baby has outdoor activities when sweating?

Is there a vitamin D preparation?

Especially the baby who is artificially intervened.

At the same time, observe whether there are symptoms such as nightingale, night terror, irritability, and replacement of the occipital hair behind the head.

If you have any of the above, you should consult a doctor.

Reason 3 When the baby is sweaty, pay attention to whether there is active tuberculosis in the body, observe whether the baby has contact with tuberculosis patients, whether there is low fever, weight loss and other symptoms in the afternoon; how much sweating caused by endocrine diseases, if it is accompanied by diabetesDrink more, more urine, weight loss, fatigue and other symptoms.

If you have a suspicious condition and get medical treatment early, determine the cause of hyperhidrosis.

To solve the problem of 4 baby sweating, it should be appropriate to dress or be thin and thick, and wear it off in time with the change of ambient temperature.

When the underwear is wet, be sure to replace it in time to have a cold.

Therefore, 5 sweaty babies drink warm boiled water to replenish the body’s lost water.

In order to prevent your baby from getting cold after sweating, especially at night, ask your doctor to take some Chinese medicine that can stop sweat and prevent colds.

8 hot face-lifting skills to choose for venture capital


8 hot face-lifting skills to choose for venture capital

Core Tip: Now that the face is beautiful, isn’t it true that girls have a face-lifting face all over the place, Xiao Bian introduces 7 kinds of beauty face-lifting methods here, and reminds all female friends who love beauty to choose the right face method.my own.


Pulling the wisdom tooth and thin face “Put off the wisdom teeth on both sides, you can make the face slim down, Yang Mi Cecilia Cheung is like this to narrow the face.”

This kind of statement makes many big faces MM believe in it.

In fact, the wisdom of the tooth to achieve the face-lift effect, must be completely compensated for the skin of the skin should be thin enough, if the muscle layer is thicker, the effect of the depression after the tooth is not visible.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?2.

A method of removing the face of an adult adult face quickly and in a few minutes.

Gradually take antibiotics for 5 days, gargle for 5 days, ice for 3 days, 7 days for suture removal, and 1 to 3 months will find cheeks getting thinner.

If your face is fatter, rounder, especially obese, or bilaterally asymmetrical, it is recommended to consider this method.

However, this method can only lose weight on the double jaws and cannot reduce the double chin.

銆€銆€Face-lift index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?3.

Facial liposuction If your face is not well contoured, the skin under the skin will accumulate too much to form a double chin; or the facial skin will be slack and have a slight sagging; or the sputum is too wide, bilateral asymmetry, facial liposuction isThe best face-lifting method.

At least it may cause a short-term immediate elimination of swelling, without worrying about the healing of the wound, but special reminders must find an experienced doctor.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?.

Injecting face-lifting face is obviously hypertrophic for the masseter muscle, affecting the appearance or bilateral asymmetry of the round face, and the MM of the trapezoidal face can be used to face-lift by injection.

Doctors usually choose one or several injection points in the cheek vein. After the injection, there is no need for local massage and other special treatments. Generally, the normal chewing movement can make the liquid gradually spread inside the muscle tissue.

After a month, I can be surprised to find that the fat face has been completely reduced by one yard.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?.

Chin shaping to create a slightly sharp and slightly chin, can also achieve the purpose of “skinny face.”

With the awl face and the popularity of the V-shaped face, the female’s chin has become the focus of attention. Look at the small-faced beautiful women, all of them have a long and delicate chin, using the current powerful plastic technology, round face changeSmall faces are no longer difficult.

It should be noted that the choice of prosthesis for the chin is very important, and it is important to carefully select materials that are safe and non-dissipative.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?6.

Mandibular angle surgery Mandibular angle surgery, commonly known as honing and bone cutting, is a face-lift surgery that is now favored by women.

For those born square faces, or people with obvious asymmetry on both sides of the mandibular angle, it is the most convenient face-lifting solution.

The effect before and after is very significant, and it can also fundamentally change the lines of the fortified “obtrusion” and reshape the delicate contours.

Usually the wound of the mandibular angle surgery is in the mouth, so there is no indication of where the wound is.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?.

The use of plastic can be thin and so-called plastic can be a plastic can be hot wheels + plastic can be beautiful, there are many girls tried, the effect is said to be good, using the geological mine under the Mt. Fuji in Japan, and added 99.

Made of 9% high-purity glutinous grain, it can be rolled for 10 minutes every day with a plastic hot wheel, and it can be rolled for 9 minutes with a plastic stick. After one month, you will see the effect.

I have not used it, it is not good to conclude, MM with this demand may wish to try, multiple programs, multiple choices.

銆€銆€Face-lifting index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?.

The facial line of the humerus is mainly composed of the mandibular angle and the humerus. If the humerus is too high, the angle of the face is too clear, causing a serious, unreasonable illusion, and also visually causing a large face.Effect.

If the facial humerus is reduced and lowered, it can remove the abrupt part of the facial line that destructs the beauty, making the face look more delicate and compact, and become the favorite of the oriental people.